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Writing a Lab Report for IB Biology

Title Page
Title of your project is the same as your research question Include Name, date, school and school ID: 001282

Summary of your lab Approximately 200 words

Background information
What should the reader know about your topic? How did you develop your research question? Cite your sources!

Research Question Concise and precise EX: What is the effect of .on

Try to write this as an Ifthenbecause.statement DO NOT write, I think or We think

Independent Dependent Controlled/Fixed- Explain how you will be controlling them List all of these so they are clear to the reader

Materials List them and be specific

Ex: 1- 100 ML Beaker 250 ML of tap water 20 cm long dialysis tubing

Write a detailed procedure in list form You can include diagrams or pictures of your lab setup or instruments used

Raw Data
Include only data collected during the experiment, no averages Include quantitative and qualitative data Include units and uncertainties Tables should be clearly labeled with captions..and should be able to stand alonesee next slide

Table 1 The diffusion rate of 50% salt solution at 4 different temperatures.

Diffusion Rate (S/cm/s) at various Temperatures(0C) . 10C

Trial #
1 2 3 4




Diffusion rate was measured indirectly by measuring conductivity rate of the solution using a Vernier conductivity probe and calculating the slope of the most linear region of the graph. The uncertainty for the probe is _______

Helpful Hints for making a table

Be certain that your table can stand alone Refer to all tables by numbers in your text. e.g according to table 1 Always provide units and uncertainties in table headings Align decimal places and maintain decimal places and/or sig figs Too many rows or columns could make it difficult to understand..tables should consolidate data not make it more confusing

Processed Data
This is where you place all of your calculations including descriptive statistics..mean/mode/sd as well as some advanced statistics. There should be tables and graphs You must include at least 1 graph...make sure you use the appropriate graphlook in the frog book for some help Include error bars on your graph. You can use standard deviation or standard error of the mean. MAKE SURE YOU INDICATE WHAT YOUR ERROR BARS REPRESENT.

Temperature and Diffusion

Diffusion rate

80 60 40 20 0 Temperature Fig. 1 Temperature and diffusion. This shows the averages of 10 samples.. Label Label

Temperature and Diffusion


Diffusion rate

80 60 40 20 0 Temperature Label Label

Error Bars

Advanced statistics
T Test Chi Square Pearson Correlation ANOVA Other tests

State a clear conclusion based on analyzed data Refer to your hypothesis. Was is supported by data or refuted? DO NOT STATE THAT YOUR DATA PROVES ANYTHING! Discuss all graphs, charts.

Evaluate weaknesses and limitations
What limited your ability to complete the lab successfully? Describe at least 3

What would you do differently next time? Describe at least 3 improvements

Final Thoughts
Your lab must be typed Place your last name on every page Dont forget your references Use pp. in 368-373 in your tiger book as well as the websites I have included Remember that your lab report must be your own workdo not discuss what you are writing with your lab partners.