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Positioning Adehye Fast Food as the # 1 Fast Food brand in Ghana


The Journey so far

Established in 1987 Renowned for our delicious meaty meat pies Average walk-in clients 500 monthly Growth expected in the fast food market

Busy work schedules means increasingly less time spent at home cooking.

Given the plethora of fast food joints available, what does the average customer expect from his food ?

25 %


Health Price


Convenience 40%
Speed of Delivery

Healthy, delicious and convenient meals served at affordable prices

Fast Food Industry Trends

1200000 1000000 800000

Market Share
Wayside Food Vendor Papaye 82% 32% Chicken Inn Others

400000 200000 0 Price Nutrition Convenience



Estimated Potential Market Share 600,000

Source: Ghana Assoc. of Industries

Diversify Meals with a focus on local dishes Turn the Adehye into an enjoyable visit thats rewarding and inviting Cater to different Market Segments: Executives and professionals Bargainers eg. Students, office workers, white collar

Additional Services
Toll free line Delivery Service Facebook pre-orders7 Drive Through Service

Executive Breakfast
Corporate Breakfast GH3.00 Hausa Koko with Bread or Koose Tom Brown with Bread or Koose
Beverages : Tea, Coffee, Chocolate Drink, Fruit juice

Improve your performance, energize your brain and keep your day on track.


Chicken n Chips

Adehye Gari Foto

Royal Indomine Surprise

Rice Available on Request

A Royal Treat

Sampling: Tasting is believing. Thats the best way to build recognition and it is more effective and less expensive than advertising. Promotional Packaging: Social Media Marketing: Launch an aggressive campaign on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter where well interact with clients

Radio Advertisements: Agreement reached with major radio stations to broadcast adverts in exchange for free breakfast & lunch meals


A Highly Skilled experienced chef poached from a luxurious 4 star Hotel Great backroom staff - 6 Friendly customer focused waiters - 4 Drive through and Delivery Service Persons 2

Financial Analysis
Total Cost of Expansion
GHC 27,000 Costs Marketing & rebranding Equipment Salaries Delivery Truck Amount (GHC) 3000 5000 4000 15000 GHC 27,000 40%

6 Months
Sales Revenue of GHC 5000 a month Monthly target of 600 walk in customers 30 Corporate clients 50 registered delivery clients

Sources of Capital
Internally Generated funds


Bank Loans

Implementation Plan
Phrase 1
24/1/12 - 27/4/12
Rebranding & Marketing Campaign

Phase 2
1/2/12 30/3/12

Recruitment of Additional Staff

Purchase of Delivery Truck

Phase 3
1/4/12 12/4/12
Sampling & Buffet Friday

Official Launch

Launch of Corporate & Delivery Service