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Erection Sequence for 150MW DTC-China Turbo generator

Major Activities for Erection & Commissioning.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Leveling and Matching. Erection, Alignment & Centering. Clearance checking & adjustment. Dummy Box up. Final Box up. Final alignment of all the rotors.

8. 9.

Coupling of rotors.
Oil flushing. Bearing Normalization and Box up.

10. Barring Gear. 11. Rolling & Synchronization.

Erection Sequence for 150MW DTC-China Turbo generator


Checking of Foundation, Marking the centerline of Bearings, LP,HIP, Generator & Position of all the packer plates. Blue matching of packer plates with each other and Micro chipping of foundation and Blue matching with packer plates. Positioning of all the Bearing housing on its centerline after matching with its pedestal and Bed frames with its packer plates Grouting of packer plates of Generator and Erection of Generator Stator. Erection of all the Bed frames of LP Bottom casing after matching with its packer plates and LP casing. Erection of LP Bottom outer casings(Front & Rear) and joining the both Parts by tightening of parting plane bolts and seal welding thereafter. Erection of HIP Bottom Outer casing. Contd.



4. 5.




Centering of Bearings and Casings (Checking and adjusting the Seal Bore ) Checking of all the Key Clearances . Checking and adjustment of Load distribution of both the casings. Erection of Top outer casing of LP Turbine and joining both the parts by bolt tightening and seal welding. Erection of LP and HIP Rotors . Alignment , Distance and Slope adjustment. Erection of Bottom Inner casing of LP & HIP casings. Checking of Key clearances and Centering with respect to centerline and slope of turbine. Erection of all the Gland Boxes and Diaphragms of both the Turbine and its centering. Checking of all the key clearances of Glands and Liners. Bottom Seal clearances with respect to centerline of rotors. Checking and adjustment of Butt clearances of seals. Checking and adjustment of Steam Flow path with respect to Rotor and Diaphragms. Elevation transfer from bottom casing to top casings and liners. Checking of Seal clearances (Medical tape method) with Rotor by placement on position. Contd.


10. 11.



14. 15. 16.

17. 18.

Adjustment of Float of the Rotor. ( Thrust and Free float). Checking and adjustment of Thermal clearances of Turbine internals with respect to outer casing. Dummy Box Up of Both the Turbines. Connection of LP casing bottom part with the condenser. (Welding) and Welding of extraction pipes of HP Turbine. Checking for any deviation after welding and correction if required. Final Box up of LP and HIP Turbine. Threading in of Generator Rotor. Alignment of Generator Rotor and LP Rotor. Adjustment of Air Gap between Generator Rotor and Stator Core. Fixing of fans and fan guards of Generator and Final Box up of Generator. Grouting of all the Bed frames of Turbine and Bearings.

19. 20.

21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

28. Final checking of alignment after grouting. Checking and adjustment of Side Oil, Top Oil Clearances and Interferences of Bearings with its housing. 29. Final alignment of Rotors and Coupling with Loose Bolts.

Reaming /Honing of the Coupling holes and tightening of coupling bolts.

32. 33.

Connection of all the Lube oil piping and clearance for Oil flushing as per procedure.
Erection of Main Steam Stop & Control Valves and Intermitted combined valve. Erection & Connection of all the transfer pipes.

35. 36.

Normalization of Bearings after oil flushing.

Positioning of Barring gear and Box up of all the Bearing housings. Erection of Transfer Pipes from IP to LP


Putting the machine on Barring Gear.

Insulation of Turbine.

Photos of activities carried out during TG erection

1. Checking of foundation and marking of


2. Positioning of Packer plates.

3. Micro chipping of foundation and Blue matching of packer plates.

Positioning of Bearing housings

Grouting of Packer plates.

Positioning of Anchor Bolts..

Erection of Generator Stator.

Erection of Bed Frames of LP Casing.

Matching of Bed Frame with LP Casing.

Erection of LP Bottom Outer casing.

Erection of HIP Bottom Outer casing.

1. Load Distribution of casing. 2. Centering of Bearing and Casings.

Alignment of LP & HIP

Rotor and their Slope adjustment.

Erection of Turbine Internals ( Inner casing, Liners, Diaphragms, Gland Boxes, Hem Deflector.)

Centering of Turbine Internals

Steam Flow Path

Checking and correction

of Steam flow path.

Nozzles Blades

Checking of

Seal Clearance.

Seal Clearance

checking by Medical Tape method.

Thrust Collar
Thrust Pad

Adjustment of Float

of the Rotor

Dummy Box up of


Final Box Up

of Turbine.

Threading in of Generator Rotor.

Final Alignment of Rotor

Reaming/Honning of Coupling Holes.

Honning of coupling holes.

Checking of hole dimension after honning.

Checking the dimensions of coupling bolts.

Final coupling of rotors.

Turbine Ready for Rolling and Synchronization.

Synchronization of unit.

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