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In the Name of ALLAH the Most

Beneficent and Merciful

Marketing Mix of
Pakistan International Airlines

Presented By:
Khalid Mehmood Rao


• Scope of the Presentation

• The Marketing Mix
• Suggestions to Improve
• Questions and Answers

Scope of the Presentation
The presentation is meant to highlight the Airline
Industry dynamics and the way PIA is manipulating its
Marketing Mix to do business worldwide. It will also be
covering the interdependency of the marketing mix
components and their individual importance.

The Marketing Mix
To market a service, a marketing mix of 7
different variables has to be designed rather than a
usual marketing mix with 4 variables. Hence, the
marketing mix in case of airline industry will be a
combination of the following interdependent but
quite easily be variably controlled factors. Product,
Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Evidence, People
and Process.

The Marketing Mix

Product Price

Place Promotion

People Process

Physical Evidence

The Marketing Mix
1. Product
The core product of PIA is the passenger
transportation. Other associated products of the
national flag bearer are:

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The Marketing Mix
To meet the demand and to facilitate different
segments, the airline has opted two fare classes
and occasionally introduce low fare packages also.

Business Class
Economy Plus Class
Economy Class
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The Marketing Mix
With a very small presence on the television,
the airline has used the print as the main medium
of advertisement. Beside Ads, the airline has
emphasized more to promote by doing following

Making Brand Ambassadors

Offering customer friendly fare packages
Making tactical as well as strategic alliances.
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The Marketing Mix
Being the national flag bearer, the airline
intended to position itself to be the best of the lot.
But, it’s a cruel fact that the airline has not able to
place itself in a way that may have earned the
desired position. This might be due to some
managerial as well as structural limitations.

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The Marketing Mix
Starting from the first enquiry about the flight
timings and the air fare package to the collection
of the baggage from destination is the complete
Airway Travel Process. Unfortunately, the airline
struggles most in this aspect of the mix and the
same factor has contributed most in deteriorating
the Positioning.

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The Marketing Mix
For services, the people are the most important
part of the marketing mix. They are visible and
their presence makes it confirm that the service is
there. Their interactive property makes them the
factor that may simply consolidate the customers
perception. Same like the Process, PIA has also
struggled in this aspect also.

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The Marketing Mix
7.Physical Evidence
The biggest airline of the country has its
presence in all of the major cities nationwide as
well as globally. With a fleet of about 50 aircrafts,
the airline has got enough leverage to support its
portfolio and has given a wide vroom to the
management to design a competitive and effective
marketing strategy.

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Suggestions to Improve
• The Process should me made more customer
friendly even if it contributes in the cost hike.
• Training programs may be introduced to train the
Crew and the Pax Services staff.
• It’s a big advantage for the airline that it was a
first one to introduce Boeing 777 in its fleet, so the
same may be highlighted where needed.

Suggestions to Improve
• To kill the perception that has developed in the
minds of the target market, special promotional
campaigns may be initiated.
• The airline has enough vroom to play with the
Price if it plans to improve the Position, Process
and the People.
• Trained staff should be hired far baggage control
as for many customers the baggage safety is one of
the prime issues.