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The economy of Bangladesh is largely dependent on agriculture.

However, in recent years, the Ready-Made Garments (RMG) sector has emerged as the biggest earner of foreign currency.

Currently, there are 4490 manufacturing units with estimated 4.2 million people employed in this sector; about 50 percent of them are women from rural areas. The RMG sector contributes around 75 percent to the total export earnings.



HRM Practice In Organisation of Bangladesh

(A Case Study on Jeans Care Ltd.)



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Company Profile

Company Profile
Jeans Care Limited is one of the vertically integrated Garments Manufacturers & finest quality Exporters in Bangladesh territory for woven garments. On a regular basis the company is ready to prepare and export basic & fashionable top quality garments items around the world.

At a Glance Overview
Products : All kinds of woven Denim trouser, Short all, Over-all, Year of incorporation : 2007Skirt, etc. with Twill, Canvas & Corduroy Trouser, Shorts, Skirt etc. Country of Export :

100% export oriented Jeans Care 90% of total export is done to Europe (Germany, UK) Jeans Care Rest 10% is to the USA

Field of Business : Ready Made Garments (RMG) Industry Member Units

Limited Washing

Certificates Customers :

ISO-9001 C&A, TESCO)

Compliance Certified by C&A Main customers are the local buying houses (e.g. Mondial, Trinity) and international buyers (e.g. Wallmart, GAP, H&M,

Organic Exchange-100 Certified Production Capacity : Depending on styles and item, monthly production varies from : 348/B, Tejgaon 120,000 to 150,000 pcs.Factory Its Monthly Capacity is 10,000I/A to Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh 12,500 Dozen trousers. Phone : +88 02 8891447-8 Employees & Workers : Fax : +88 02 8891425 Email : 650 employees (approximately) are engaged in production and management


Company Vision
Jeans Care Limiteds vision is to establish permanently among the best of innovative, high quality branded generic companies.

Company Mission
To make best consumer products for the suppliers and the valued customers. Commitment to work for the Environment

Company Motto Time, Quality & Export is our main and profit is its logical sequence Product Portfolio
Jeans Care Limited produces various kinds of high quality woven Denim, Twill, Canvas & Corduroy Trouser, Short-all, Over-all, Skirt, Shorts.

Product Portfolio
Jeans Care Limited produces various kinds of high quality woven Denim, Twill, Canvas & Corduroy Trouser, Short-all, Over-all, Skirt, Shorts, Coats,. Some of the products are shown here.

COMPANY PROFILE (Organizational Chart)


Organizational Chart


HRD, Admin and Compliance Department

The study has been mainly done on the following department s .

The Human Resource Development (HRD) sector The Admin & Compliance sector

Objective of HRD
The objectives of the Human Resource Development sector are as following: To provide equal employment opportunity and establish the terms of employment within the company. To attract and retain high caliber employees for the company. To identify, provide and track employee training requirement, for the employees in the organization.

Admin & Compliance
Compliance and administration are very conflicting sectors. For example, the Administration might say that we must work on Sundays if the need arises, then compliance would say that Sunday is totally off day so we cannot keep the factory open on this day.

The detailed work description of the admin & compliance sector is as following:

Floor visit and check Floor administration Security register check Holiday sheet check New employee details posting and left unauthorized absent Posting attendance and overtime New employee salary posting Monthly check quality report Monthly check cutting report New employee salary collect and take approval Salary sheet setup Print, check and final monthly attendance Holiday sheet send to accounts department


HRM Procedures
(Policies Maintained in Recruiting Employees & Workers)

Hiring Personnel
Requirement of any hiring is identified by concerned departmental head.

The request for new hiring is communicated to the head of Administration (HR)

Head of administration department reviews and assesses the legitimacy and validity of the new hiring and makes recommendations for the new hiring.

The requisition is then forwarded to managing director or director for approval of new hiring.

After approval, suitable candidates are sourced from database of resumes maintained by the administration department. In addition, personnel having any reference may be directly contacted.

The resumes are scrutinized and short listed by administration department basis on the requirements of the job position. Short listed candidates are called for interview.

Hiring Personnel (Board of Interview)

Panel of interviewers is formed to interview and assess the candidates. The interview panel consists of following members:

Managing director Director Admin manager (HR) Finance manager General manager Deputy general manager Concerned departmental head

Recruitment Policies

Recruitment policies are following:

Advertisement is used for recruitment All recruitments are done legally The recruit must give 3 passport size pictures with full Bio-Data and additional important documents Race, language, religion, sex is not considered while recruitment Nobody is forced to work No security money is taken In recruitment the women are not questioned about their pregnancy. Worker under 18 years of age is not recruited. In that case the companys doctor verifies the age.

Benefits Policy
Jeans Care Limited provides the following monetary benefits to its employees.
Incentives House rent fee Medical fee Two (2) Eid bonuses Attendance bonus Medical facility Group insurance

House rent incentive Eid Bonus Group Facility Attendance Bonus In thisInsurance case, Labor and HR Ministrys published gazette-wise every worker is given 30% rent fee of the This kind of bonus is given to ensure and increase attendance in the factory. The system is as following: Basic wage, which specified and directed byand theEid-ul-Azha. ministry itself. For the Islam followers the two mainis religious occasions are Eid-ul-Fitr In both the Eid, every worker gets bonus
For the presence this insurance, of death the workers dependents gets Tk 1,00,000 irrespective of race or of religion. It is given in in thecase following manner.
Every operator, quality inspector, folding man, packing man and finishing ironon man gets Tk 200.00 . Medical fee Disablement the worker gets Tk 50,000 to Tk 1,00,000 depending the type of injury. working time of minimum 1 year they get 50% bonus of the basic wage. Every cutting assistant gets Tk 150.00 working time between 6 months and 1 year they get 25% of basic wage as bonus. Every helper , sewing ironman and cleaner gets Tk 100.00-wise as as attendance given Tk 200.00 as medical fee. Labor and Ministrys published gazette every worker working time HR between 3 to 6 months , they get 15% of basic wage bonus.
working time between 1 to 3 months, they get 10% of basic wage as bonus.

Child Labor Policy

If the worker is between 14 and 18 years of age, then he is considered to be a Child Labor. In that case following rules are followed.

Child labor cannot work for more than 5 hours a day. Child labor cannot be told to work between 7 pm at evening and 7 am at morning A certificate of physical ability is collected from the local inspector Written consent letter of the guardian of the child labor is taken Separate register is maintained for the child labor Child labor is not allowed to work in any hazardous or moving machine.

For every 15 working days 1 (one) day of leave is granted

If any child labor is recruited mistakenly, then the company tries to dismiss him quickly and take all the responsibility of his educational expense


Recruitment - Selection & Documentation

Recruitment of workers
Jeans Care Limited, in regards to recruitment policy abides by the national law. Many times the buyers specifications are maintained but it cannot be opposite of the national law.

Means of Recruitment
The means of recruitment for workers depends on the following factors.

Necessity of quickness Job time (part/full) Acquaintance with current supervisor/worker

Based on these different kinds of ways are used such as:

Direct walk-in Through line chief/ supervisor Banner Leaflet Newspaper

Selection Method
(Final Selection Steps)
STEP-01= Line chief or supervisor takes the new worker to the office of HRD STEP-02= Check the experience such as what processes the worker can perform and how much time he takes STEP-03= HRD verify the documents provided by the worker a. Application b. National ID c. Birth certificate d. Age verification letter e. Commissioner certificate STEP-04= Issue of Recommendation letter to the line chief or supervisor

STEP-05= Giving detailed document to worker for his awareness about the organization
STEP-06= Check on the worker by the work study department STEP-07= Worker submits Photo and other necessary documents next day Issue of Attendance/ Working Hour Card

Selection Method

Documents Maintained

Documents Maintained
o o o o o o o o o o Resume Educational certificates Identification documents Letter of appointment Terms and conditions Personnel details form Annual report Transfer letter Promotion or demotion letter Training records etc.

All these documents are kept in specific places classified and separated by individual names. Some of these documents are also kept as soft-copy in the Computer for ease of use and as back up.

All the documents are kept in a file per person basis. This file has a table of contents of the consisting documents. The initial documents kept are as following:
Request for approval of appointment Application form National ID/ Birth Certificate Chairman/ Commissioner Certificate Age estimation form Appointment letter Initial training instructions

Leave applications

Leave record Salary status

Training & Development

Training and Skill Development

Orientation of new employees
Orientation of new employees includes various activities such as:
Orientation on personnel and HR policies (working hours, leaves medical, disciplinary policies) Understanding with the basic ISO standard requirement Understanding of quality policy Understanding of job responsibilities and authorities On-job training

Continual Identification of Training Needs Training needs of employees are continually identified by their departmental heads or in changes as a result of following developments.
Changes in services and operations New or revised procedures, or changes in the quality policy Inadequate performance of individual or groups of personnel Results of internal quality audits Corrective/Preventive actions

Training and Skill Development

External Training
Admin head contacts various external training courses, if they feel that this training will be helpful for the employee. After completion of course, the concerned person submits a copy of course certificate to administration department. These certificates are filled in the personal record and the training records of concerned employees are updated. Staffs are also nominated to attend numerous overseas training sessions at every year. These specialized training sessions are mainly to develop skills on the job.

Training and Skill Development



Salary Structure of Workers & Employees

Wages & Salary

The organization maintains the minimum wages according to the published gazette of November 1, 2010.
Monthly basic wage Monthly House Rent (30% of Basic wage)
2730.00 2100.00

Workers post and classifications

Monthly Medical Fee

Total monthly wage

Grade 1: Pattern Master, Chief Quality Controller Grade 2: Mechanic/Electrician, Cutting Master Grade 3: Sample Machinist, Senior Sewing Machine Operator Grade 4: Sewing Machine Operator, Quality Inspector, Cutter Grade 5: Junior Sewing Machine Operator, Junior Cutter, Folder Grade 6: Sewing Machine, Button Machine, Cunchai Machine Operator Grade 7: Assistant Sewing Machine Operator, Assistant Dry Washing man, Ironman

9300.00 7200.00

200.00 200.00

12230.00 9500.00


























The wage structure of the workers

Wages & Salary

Workers post and classifications Grade 1: Store Keeper

Total monthly wag 12000.00

Grade 2: Accounts Assistant, Store Assistant

Grade 3: Typist, Office Assistant, Telephone Operator Grade 4: Peon, Guard, Checker



The wage structure of the Employees

Performance Evaluation & Disciplinary Actions

Performance Evaluation

At the end of each year, employee initiates the performance evaluation of company's personnel. Accordingly, performance evaluation forms of personnel are sent to the concerned departmental heads. Performance results for the previous year are assessed based on the following criteria.
Companys objectives Achievement of specific task Completion of assignments Managements expectations

In addition, the improvement areas and the corresponding training requirements for next year are also identified.

The evaluation forms duly filled are sent back to admin department. Employee compiles the training recruitments identified in the evaluation forms and prepares a tentative annual training plan.
The training plan is thoroughly reviewed by concerned departmental head.

Disciplinary Actions
In case of taking disciplinary actions against any worker, the organization totally adheres to the National Labor Law. The Recruitment act 17, 18, 19 are followed in this case Bad or ill-actions
1.Not abiding by any legitimate instruction of the management 2. Theft, fraud or any other kind of harm to the asset of the organization 3. Taking any kind of bribe for self or any other workers recruitment 4. Leave of more than 10 days outside granted leaves 5. Breaking any organizational rules or regulation 6. Not performing any work or making a habit of it 7. Habitual late coming 8. Creating chaos or any other regulation breaking activity 9. Repeated fault in work 10. Destroying, harming, altering, falsifying any organizational documents or policies 11. Giving false information in regard to name, age, experience etc. 12. Sleeping in workplace 13. Slacking in work 14. Distributing any kind of leaflet or poster in the factory premise without prior permission 15. Leaving the premise without permission

Disciplinary Actions
Procedure of disciplinary action 1. The complains against any worker is presented in written form 2. The worker is given a copy

3. The worker is given 7 days time to show cause

4. If he requests, he is granted personal hearing 5. The owner or management accepts this kind of request 6. In some cases the worker is suspended from work due to ill-manner and if the matter is not handled by any court then this kind of suspension do not take more than 60 days. 7. Temporary suspension is done in written form and the worker is given a copy. It is effective from this point. 8. If the worker is not proven guilty, then he is taken as present for the time passed and given full salary. 9. If the worker refuses to take any notice or letter then it is made known to the board and those are sent to the last known address of the worker by post. 10. While giving punishment, the significance of the offense, previous record of the worker and any other factor is taken into consideration

Termination & Resignation

To terminate any permanent worker from his work, the national labor law is followed.

The worker who has completed one (1) years of uninterrupted work is given 120 days of prior
notice. If notice is not given then 120 days of full salary is paid. For every 1 year of work, the worker gets 30 days of basic salary. Wage is paid of the actual working days.

Total earned leave amount is paid.

In case of termination as of disciplinary action the worker in not given any notice and only given the wage of actual working days. If any worker wants to resign then he should give one (1) months prior notice. In this regard the all the rules are followed according to the national labor law.


Welfare Facilities & Safety Issues

Welfare Facilities

First Aid & Medical Facility

The factory is provided and maintained with readily accessible first aid boxes equipped with the prescribed contents during all working hours.

All the first aid boxes are kept in charge of a responsible person who is trained in first aid treatment, who
is always available during the working hours of the factory.

Notices are posted in every work floor regarding the person in charge of first aid boxes. A medical center is built within the 2nd floor of the factory. The factory has appointed a medical nurse to check up on the workers. The factory is contracted with an External Hospital for emergency cases.

Washing Facility
Adequate and suitable facilities for washing and bathing are provided and maintained for the use of the workers therein. Separate and adequate screened washing rooms are provided for the use of both male and female workers. These facilities are conveniently accessible and kept clean. Soap and towel are provided in the washrooms. Adequate number of sandals is kept in the washing rooms. The rooms are kept well lighted. Continuous supply of water in the washing rooms is provided

Welfare Facilities

Other Facilities are Canteen Drinking Water Facility Daycare Center

Welfare Officer
A welfare officer is appointed in the factory to oversee all the welfare activities.

Safety Issues
Building and Structure
The factory building, wall, road, stairs, floor, fencing etc is built according to the design permitted by the Deputy Chief Inspector of Factory & Institution Department of Bangladesh Government.

Cutting Safety: Suitable action is taken to avoid bodily risk in case of electricity supply in the cutting machines. No hazardous machinery is planted in the factory. Pin free environment: Action is taken to keep any of the production area pin free. The factory has a Needle Detection Machine.

Safety Issues

Working near Machineries

The appointed adult men and women workers have the necessary experience to work near the machineries. For this reason the workers follow the below rules: While cutting the fabric the workers use the Stainless Steel Gloves. The meter and other instructions are checked before using the boiler. The needle detector machine operator has to be utmost careful. The garments are set aside as soon as any needle is detected.

Snap button operator has to be always cautious. In some cases the machines keeps running due to mechanical fault, in this case
the work should be abandoned. The operator always has to wear eye glasses.

Fire Extinguishing Tools

The local fire inspectors inspect the factory and according to their recommendation the fire extinguishing tools are placed. The factory has a 220kva generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Ear muffler or plugs have to be worn before entering into the generator room. The boiler operator uses his own dress, boot, hand gloves, goggles for working in the boiler room. In the spot wash room the workers use mask, hand gloves and goggles. For fresh air exhaust fans are set in the walls beside the open windows

Safety Issues
Smoke detector

In the factory on each floor there are smoke detectors according to need and different zones. These will work when there is any fire or smoke and will sent signal to the Fire Alarm Control Panel in the reception room.

Fire Alarm Bell

Keeping in mind the safety in case of fire, different floor have fire alarm bell setup in various places. Fire Alarm Bell Keeping in mind the safety in case of fire, different floor have fire alarm bell setup in various places.

Exit Passage Excessive Weight Smoking and open fire Instructions and Notices

Conclusions & Findings

Although industry-wise it is strong, organizationally it has some drawbacks. Based on the findings the main conclusions that can be drawn are therefore stated as below.
1. Inefficiency caused by Over-Responsibility

Work of various personnel expands beyond their original work description and sometimes overlaps others activities. Personnel of welfare department are posted in two different jobs. Little time for overseeing worker problems and staying with them does not fulfill the departments objectives.

2. Employee turnover and frustration due to weak salary structure The organization has a comparative weak salary structure compared to other organizations of the same kind or above. This leads to employee frustration and increased employee turnover chance. Frustration leads to lower efficiency in work and creates a cold internal environment which is not visible to the management of the organization but hampers or creates a drawback in many situations.

3. Organization would come to a standstill if key personnel turnover the job Due to lack of decentralization of activities there is great chance of facing a time of standstill for the organization if some key personnel resign from the job.


In the light of these conclusions, we recommend the following ideas for the organization to check upon and consider.
Work Study Department should only deal with worker efficiency, factory efficiency and line planning. The Production department should have the responsibility to ensure that the layout and plan given by the Work study department is maintained correctly .

The organization should have a solid salary structure in comparison to other organizations of the same kind. This would reduce employee frustration and number of employee turnovers.
A handsome salary ensures long-term employee presence and greater ease of mind which results in higher productivity and congenial working environment. The salary sheet should be done by the Accounts department, and the HR department would just check the completed sheet given by the accounts department.

In simple words, Jeans Care Limited has all the necessary ingredients to be a successful organization but has simple coordination gaps and partial implementation of all of its rules and regulations, which creates employee frustration. If these simple problems are identified and corrected then it would turn into a solid organization at its core.