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/ 90 yrs ago hawks thought to eat the farmers corn. States would pay 5 10 $ a bird. growth forest not considered a virgin forest.


Program: HM, Raptors & Migration

Hawk Mountain

Raptors Birds of Prey

Identification Flora and Fauna

Human threats
Red-tailed Hawk at HM

American Bald Eagle

What Are Raptors

Large birds of prey

Keen eyesight, hooked beak and sharp talons Use feet to catch their food not their beaks Types - hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, owls

Small Raptor Species

Peregrine Falcon

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Broad-winged Hawk

Coopers Hawk

American Kestrel

Large Raptor Species

Bald Eagle

Golden Eagle


Red-Tailed Hawk

South lookout

How, When, Where and Why Migrate?

Mountain ranges, ocean coastlines, and lakes become navigation routes known as flyways Fly south during fall and return north in spring From northern breeding grounds in summer to southern feeding grounds in winter Scarcity of food and shortage of habitat in the north during winter.

Why Hawk Mountain?

HM is the Southeastern most ridge along the Atlantic Flyway through PA. Its a leading line feature

Spotting Birds of Prey at HM


all about location and experience

Hawk Mt. location and topography make it an ideal place for bird of prey watching. Spotting and identifying raptors takes time and patience to be good.

Categories of Migrating Raptors


dwelling species of raptors

genus of 50 largely forest-


on HM

Sharp-shinned Hawk, Coopers Hawk, and Northern Goshawk

Group is known for rapid, maneuverable flight, & flap-flap-flap-glide flight pattern

Accipiter Silhouette Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Short, rounded wings and long tails



A genus of 28 mostly open-habitat

Red-shouldered Hawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, and Rough-legged Hawk

Group is sluggish in flight compared to accipiters, and are known for their soaring

Buteo Silhouette

Broad-Winged Hawk

Long, broad wings and short tails


group of 37 falcons and falcon like birds. American Kestril, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, and Gyrfalcon.

Member of the genus Falco, a

This group is known for their rapid, level flight, and extremely rapid stooping flight

Falcon Silhouette

Peregrine Falcon

Long, pointed wings, and long tails. Fast flyers

High-velocity falcon

Video Scenes
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Eagle vs Salmon

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Attack on Videographer


Hawk and Rattler

Flora and Fauna, Hawk Mountain


ideal resort for migrating raptors

Hawk Mountain Species Diversity 293 Plants 292 Fungi 17 Fish 35 Reptiles and amphibians 255 Birds 37 Mammals 476 Invertebrates 1,405 species and still counting Master List of Biota

Major Human Threats

67% of raptors are threatened by at least one of these

52% Habitat Loss 21% Environmental Contaminants 31% Direct Human Persecution

30% are threatened by two of the above


Jack-in-the-Pulpit Solomons Seal


Pink Ladys Slipper


Indian Pipe

What to bring

Good pair hiking, sneakers etc. Warm clothes / layers. 10 degrees cooler up there. Food: Bring a lunch or two or three. No food there except some trail mix and water (maybe) Bring water Backpack or something to carry your stuff like something to write with and on. Binoculars, Sunglasses $ for gift shop.

What not to bring



etc. Do bring on the bus, but do not listen when people are speaking etc. Climbing gear Lots of trash. What comes with you goes home with you idea.

General Behavior

running clowning around etc. Twisted ankle / knee could be a problem. guides and counters expect you to be quiet and respectful.