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Liquid level indicator with alarm includes

a liquid level detector and a liquid level display controlled by the transistor.



Light Emitting Diodes, Placed in circuit, to show level of liquid in Tank. These diodes are operated at 1.5 V

220 ohm Resistors:

220 ohm Resistors are installed in the circuit because LED is Operated at 1.5 V, and we are having 9V there, so in order to decrease the voltage across LED we placed 220 ohm resistors

When any wire is dipped in liquid that wire will be connected to wire N through liquid, establishing a negative voltage across the base of transistor. Current begins to flow from collector. In this way, LED glows. After successive connections of wires with N, respective LEDs will glow, and when wire F will be connected to N , then there will be sound alarming you that liquid has attained maximum level and after this liquid will flow over.

Applications of Circuit:
This Circuit has a number of practical uses in daily life. Now no need to go on the roof to check the water level. Can be used to measure underground storage of water.

Water level Indicator works to maintain a constant water level. (Used in different Plants
and Industries) Alarm starts ringing as soon as tank becomes full.

It helps to check overflow and wastage of water by warning the person when the tank
is about to brim. It can also be used to calculate incoming and out going water in large reservoirs.

It is used to predict the arrival of floods.

Our project Liquid level indicator with alarm is the optimal solution for knowing the liquid level in tank at different levels.

As our circuit is cheap, user friendly and efficient, it is the optimal choice for the users who want to know the liquid level in a tank.