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Concurrent Manager

What is Concurrent Manager????

concurrent program that starts other concurrent programs running.

Application user submits a request to run a program.

Request is entered into a database table (FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS, FND_CONCURRENT_PROCESSES).

Concurrent managers read requests from the table and start programs running

Responsibilities of Concurrent Manager

Managing the printer

Managing the programs completion status

Class path of a java program Tracing a concurrent program

Interaction with host concurrent program

Optimization options

Types of Concurrent Managers

Internal Concurrent Manager Standard Manager Conflict Resolution Manager Product Specific Manager Scheduler Manager
start up and shutdown the individual concurrent managers, and reset the other managers
This concurrent manager is up and running all the time and has no specialization rule. check concurrent program definitions for incompatibility rules.

specialized to perform Concurrent Processing specifically for those products

assists the ICM and the CRM in scheduling and conflict resolution. Runs conc. request in synchronous mode Monitors the ICM, and restarts any failed ICM on the local node. (PCP environment)

Transaction Manager
Internal Monitor

Defining Concurrent Manager

Program Libraries

Library contains immediate concurrent programs that can be called

by your manager
program library is the one which is attached to Standard concurrent manager. FNDLIBR executable is located at $FND_TOP/bin. Manages programs like Marketing Data Mining Manage, Transportation Manager, Collections Manager, Oracle Provisioning Manager.

INVLIBR manages Inventory Manager MRCLIB manages MRP Manager PALIBR manages PA Streamline Manager

Concurrent Manager - Forms

Define Define concurrent manager Administer Status of existing managers WorkShifts Define work shifts to attach to Concurrent Managers. Rule To define combined specialization rules.

Define Concurrent Manager

Screen to define new concurrent managers. Cache Size (Concurrent Manager only)

Data Group
(Transaction Manager only)

Nodes (Parallel Processing)

Define Concurrent Manager Specialization Rules Window

Types :
Combined Rule Oracle ID

Request Type

Define Concurrent Manager Specialization Rules Window (cont.)

Request Type form

Attaching request


Define Concurrent Manager Work Shifts Window

Assign work shifts to a concurrent manager


Administer Concurrent Program

Monitor the status of all concurrent managers


Administer Concurrent Program

Processes Requests


Define work shifts

Overlapping Work Shift Priorities
Priority Work Shift Definition Example April 15, 1994 8:00am5:00pm

Specific date and range of times

Specific date and no range of times


Range of days and range of times

Monday-Friday 8:00am5:00pm

Range of days and no range of times


Range of times and no date and no range of days


Standard work shift. No date, days, or time defined.

Standard work shift is 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


Define Rule
Define rules identifying which requests a concurrent manager can read


Concurrent Manager key Tables




Details of user requests, including status, start date, and completion date


Details of concurrent programs, including execution method, whether the program is constrained, and whether it must be run alone.


Cross-references between concurrent requests and queues, and a history of concurrent manager processes


Information about each of the concurrent manager queues


Concurrent Manager Server Scripts

afcmstat.sql afimchk.sql Displays all the defined managers, their maximum capacity, pids, and their status. Displays the status of ICM and PMON method in effect, the ICM's log file, and determines if the concurrent manger monitor is running. Displays the concurrent manager and the name of its log file that processed a request. Displays the requests that are pending, held, and scheduled. Displays of summary of concurrent request execution time and status since a particular date.

afrqwait.sql afrqstat.sql afqpmrid.sql

Displays the operating system process id of the FNDLIBR process based on a concurrent request id. The process id can then be used with the ORADEBUG utility.
afimlock.sql Displays the process id, terminal, and process id that may be causing locks that the ICM and CRM are waiting to get. You should run this script if there are long delays when submitting jobs, or if you suspect the ICM is in a gridlock with another oracle process.


Overview Of Concurrent Manager Process