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Sex before Marriage and Hedonism

By: Lisiana Susanto

Person who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the most important thing in life; a pleasure-seeker. (Oxford dictionary)

Presupotition Moral
Hedonism is the philosophical doctrine that all pleasure is intrinsically good, and nothing but pleasure is intrinsically good. There are 2 theory about hedonism: Psychological Hedonism Ethical Hedonism

Motive of action is always pleasure (Epicurus)

Love hut

I moved in to my house when I was 15 and since then Ive had Four special boy Friends. I dont keep count of how many other boys come to stay the night. There are two or Three at the moment (Nang Chan)

Love hut
The huts provide us independence and are the best way through which we can explore our true lover. When boys come to spend

night with me, if I dont want them to touch me they wont. Well
just talk for sometime and sleep. If I find some special boyfriend and we both love each other then Ill get intimate with him and

have sex with him in my hut. But if I stop loving him and find
another boy that I see more attractive, then Ill stop having sex with my previous boyfriend.

I dont keep on counting how many other boys come to stay at night with me. There are two or three at the moment. I feel no obligation to have sex with a boy just because he is sleeping beside me. We girls are very adamant to the boys to prove their true love before any close intimacy can happen. I do worry about unwanted pregnancies but parents have clearly

taught us how to avoid them and to have sex only with boys we truly
love. If a girl gets pregnant by someone who doesnt love her, but another boy loves her then he will marry the girl anyway and bring-

up the baby as his own. (Nang Chan, MacGregor, 2001)

From the viewpoints of: Act Utilitarianism Social Relativism Rule Utilitarianism


Not morally wrong Tradition hedonism

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