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VoIP Protocol Introduction(MGCP)




Describe Media Gateway Control Protocol(MGCP) for Packet Cable Embedded Client Refer to as the Packet Cable NCS(Network-Based Call Signaling) Protocol Describe MGCI(Media Gateway Control Interface) and MGCP Based on the MGCP




MGCP 0.1 (Draft)

MGCP 1.0 (RFC 2705)

MGCP 1.0 bis (draft)


Packet Cable


Describe an abstract application programming interface (MGCI) and a corresponding protocol (MGCP) for controlling media gateways from external call control elements called media gateway

controllers or Call Agents.

Call Control Architecture Call Agent : Call Control Element Gateway : Conversion audio signals and data packets

Connection Model
Basic constructs are endpoints and connections

Endpoints : A Terminal, Gateway, MCU

Connection : Point-To-Point(the one is the originator, the other is the terminator) Point-To-Multipoint

MGCI MGCI-Model and Naming Conventions

MGCI Functions Connection Control Endpoint Control Auditing Status Reporting Use Same System Model and Same Naming Conventions Model and Naming Conventions Endpoint Names - local-endpoint-name@domain-name Call Names - Call ID - Created by Call Agent Connection names - Connection ID - Created by Gateway

MGCI MGCI-Model and Naming Conventions

Model and Naming Conventions Digit Maps
Possible Dialing Numbers(Dial Plan)
0 00 xxxx 8xxxxxxx Local operator *xx Long Distance Operator 91xxxxxxxxx Local Exchange Number 9011 + up to 15 digits Shortcut to local number at other corporate sites Star services Long Distance Number International number

Above Dial Plan can be described in the following Digit Map

(0T | 00T | [1-7]xxx | 8xxxxxxx | #xxxxxxx | *xx | 91xxxxxxxxxxxxx | 9011x.T)

The Formal syntax of Digit Map

Digit Timer Letter Range Letters Subrange Position StringElement ::= 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ::= T | t -- matches the detection of timer ::= Digit | Timer | # | * | A | a | B | b | C | c | D | d ::= X | x -- matches any digit | [ Letters ] -- matches any of the specified letters ::= Subrange | Subrange Letters ::= Letter -- matches the specified letter | Digit - Digit -- matches any digit between first and last ::= Letter | Range ::= Position -- matches an occurrence of the position | Position . -- matches an arbitrary number of occurrence -- of the position, including 0 ::= StringElement | StringElement String ::= String | String | StringList ::= String | ( StringList )

String StringList DigitMap

MGCI-Model and Naming Conventions

Model and Naming Conventions Events and Signals
Notify Events(L/hd)

Call Agent

Request Signals(L/dl)

Embedded Client

L/hd : hook-off in line package for an analog access line L/dl : dial-tone in line package for an analog access line

SDP USE Provide the gateways with the description of connection parameters (IP Address, UDP Port, RTP Profiles..)

MGCI-Gateway Control Functions

Gateway Control Functions Describe the commands of the MGCP Notification Request(RQNT) Used to request the gateway to send a notification upon the occurrence of Specified events in an endpoint NotificationRequest(EndpointId [, NotifiedEntity] [, RequestedEvents] , RequestIdentifier [, DigitMap] [, SignalRequests] [, QuarantineHandling] [, DetectEvents])

ex) RequestedEvents(R) : L/hu, L/ft, D/[0-9*#] RequestIdentifier(X) : Used to correlate this request DigitMap(D) : X.T SignalRequests(S) : rt, rg, bz.. QuarantineHandling(Q) : Optional Parameter DetectEvents(T) : Optional Parameter

MGCI-Gateway Control Functions

Notifications(NTFY) Send NTFY CMD by the gateway When an Observed event is to be notified
Notify(EndpointId [, NotifiedEntity] , RequestIdentifier , ObservedEvents) ex) ObservedEvents(O) : Events that were requested in the RequestedEvents Parameter, O:l/hu Create Connection(CRCX) Used to a create connection

CreateConnection(CallId , EndpointId [, NotifiedEntity] [, LocalConnectionOptions] , Mode [, RemoteConnectionDescriptor] ex) Call ID(C) : Identify the call (or session) to which this connection belongs. LocalConnectionOptons(L) : Encoding Method, Packetization Period, Echo Cancel, Silence Suppression.. L:nt:IN, a:PCMA, e:on, s:off RemoteConnectionDescriptor:SDP

MGCI-Gateway Control Functions

ModifyConnection(MDCX) Used to modify the connection ModifyConnection(CallId , EndpointId , ConnectionId [, NotifiedEntity] [, LocalConnectionOptions] [, Mode] [, RemoteConnectionDescriptor] [, RequestedEvents] [, RequestIdentifier] [, DigitMap] [, SignalRequests] ex) Mode(M) : Indicates the mode of operation for this side of the connection RecvOlny, Send/recv..

MGCI-Gateway Control Functions

DeleteConnection(DLCX) Used to terminate a connection DeleteConnection(CallId , EndpointId , ConnectionId [, NotifiedEntity] [, RequestedEvents] [, RequestIdentifier] [, DigitMap] [, SignalRequests] [, QuarantineHandling] [, DetectEvents]) The gateway returns a list of parameters that describe the status of the connection. ex) Connection Parameters(P) 250 TransactionID OK P:PS=2, OS=0, PR=306, OR=7344, PL=0, JI=5, LA=0

MGCI-Gateway Control Functions

Auditing(AUEP, AUCX)
AuditEndPoint(AUEP): Used by the Call Agent to determine the status of an endpoint AuditConnection(AUCX): Used by the Call Agent to obtain information about a connection

AuditEndPoint(EndpointId [, RequestedInfo] | { [, SpecificEndPointID] [, MaxEndPointIDs] })

AuditConnection(EndpointId , ConnectionId [, RequestedInfo])

ex) RequestedInfo(F) : AUEP TID EndpointId F: ES, A, I 200 TID OK ES:I/hu A: a:PCMU;G723;G729, s:off

ES : Event Status A : Capabilities I : Connection ID

MGCI-Gateway Control Functions

Restart in Progress(RSIP) Used by the gateway to signal that an endpoint, or a group of endpoints, is taken out of service or is being placed back in service.

RestartInProgress(EndpointId , RestartMethod [, RestartDelay] [, ReasonCode])

ex) Restart Method(RM) : Graceful : That the specified endpoint(s) will be taken out of service after The specified restart delay(RD) Cancel-graceful : Indicates that a gateway is canceling a previously issued "graceful restart method for the same endpoints Forced : Indicates that the specified endpoints are taken out of service abruptly Restart : Indicates that service will be restored on the endpoints after the Specified restart delay Disconnected : Indicates that the endpoint has become disconnected Established connections are not affected

MGCI-Return Codes and Error Codes

All MGCP commands receive a response. The response carries a return code that indicates the status of the command. . value 000 indicates a response acknowledgement24, . values between 100 and 199 indicate a provisional response, . values between 200 and 299 indicate a successful completion, . values between 400 and 499 indicate a transient error, . values between 500 and 599 indicate a permanent error. Return Code Definitions 100 The transaction is currently being executed. An actual completion message will follow later. 200 The requested transaction was executed normally. ~ 401 The phone is already off hook. ~ 500 The transaction could not be executed because the endpoint is unknown. 501 The transaction could not be executed because the endpoint is not ready. ~ 521 Endpoint redirected to another Call Agent. 534 Codec negotiation failure.

MGCI-Use of Local Connection Options and connection Descriptors

CRCX(Local Connection Option) 200 OK SDP:Local Connection Descriptor CRCX(Local Connection Option) SDP:Remote Connection Descriptor 200 OK SDP:Local Connection Descriptor

MDCX(Local Connection Option) SDP:Remote Connection Descriptor 200 OK SDP:Local Connection Descriptor

Codec and packetization period selection EX) CRCX(L: a:G723) RCD(m=4 18 0 8) 200 OK LCD(m=4)

MGCP- General Description

General Description Command Head Body

cmd Ex)

tid Endpoint Name version



CRCX 2005 aaln/ MGCP 1.0 NCS 1.0 C: 0 L: p:20, a:PCMU;PCMA;G.723.1-5.3;G.723;G.729A, s:on, e:on M: recvonly X: 3 R: hu S: rt
TID(Transaction ID) : Value between 1 and 999999999 Correlate commands and responses

MGCP- General Description

General Description Response Head Body






200 2005 OK I: 686B v=0 o=- 26731 2005 IN IP4 s=c=IN IP4 t=0 0 m=audio 3456 RTP/AVP 0 8 4 18 a=recvonly a=ptime:20

MGCP- Command Header

Command Line
Command AUCX AUEP EPCF CRCX DLCX MDFY RQNT NTFY RSIP Direction (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) (MGC MG) Description Retrieve the parameters attached to the connection Find out the status of a given endpoint Specify the encoding of signals that will be received by the endpoint Create Connection between two endpoints Terminate connection Modify the characteristics of gateways view of a connection Request the gateway to send NTFY upon occurrence of specified events in an endpoint Notification Signal to the MGC that an endpoint, or a group of endpoint, is take in or out of service

MGCP- Command Header

Parameter Line RequestIdentifier(X) Correlate a Notify command with the NotificationRequest that triggered it Local Connection Options(L) Describe the operational parameters that the Call Agents instructs the Gateway to use for a connection. These parameters are p, a, s, e etc. RequestedEvents(R) Provides the list of events that have been requested R: hu(N), hf(N) Notify on-hook, notify hook-flash. R: hu(N), [0-9#T](D) Notify on-hook, accumulate digits according to Digitmap SignalRequests(S) Provides the name of the signals that have been requested S: ci(10/14/17/26, 555 1212, CableLabs) S : rg S : rt

MGCP- Command Header

Parameter Line ObservedEvents(O) Provide the list of events that have been observed O: 8,2,9,5,5,5,5,T 0:hf RequestInfo(F) Contain a comma separated list of parameter codes F: ES,I,A

CallId(C) ,DigitMap(D) EX) CRCX 1120660 isup/1/1/ MGCP 1.0 C: 22002a4 L: nt:IN, a:G723, fx:t38, e:on, s:off M: sendrecv D: ([0-9*#]) X: 22002a4 R: fxr/t38, D/[0-9*#](D)

MGCP- Response Header Formats

Create Connection The Response line is followed by a Connection-Id parameter witha successful response(code 200). A LocalConnectionDescriptor is furthermore transmitted with a positive response Ex) 200 1204 OK I: FDE234C8 v=0 o=- 25678 753849 IN IP4 s=c=IN IP4 t=0 0 m=audio 3456 RTP/AVP 96 97 0 a=rtpmap:96 G726-32/8000 a=rtpmap:97 telephone-event/8000 a=mptime: 10 - 10

MGCP- Response Header Formats

ModifyConnection The response line is followed by a LocalConnectionDescriptor Ex) 200 1207 OK v=0 o=- 25678 753849 IN IP4 s=c=IN IP4 m=audio 3456 RTP/AVP 0 a=mptime: 20

DeleteConnection The response line may be followed by a Connection Parameters parameter line
Ex) 250 1210 OK P: PS=1245, OS=62345, PR=780, OR=45123, PL=10, JI=27, LA=48

MGCP- Response Header Formats

NotificationRequest/Notify Not include any additional response parameters AuditEndpoint The response line may be followed by information for each of the parameters Requestedeach parameter will appear on a separate line.

Ex) 200 1200 OK A: a:PCMU; p:10, e:on, s:off, t:1, v:L,

AuditConnection The Response may be followed by information for each of the parameters requested Ex) 200 1203 OK C: A3C47F21456789F0 P: PS=622, OS=31172, PR=390, OR=22561, PL=5, JI=29, LA=50,

MGCP- Response Header Formats

RestartInProgress The response to a RestartInProgress may include the name of another Call Agent to Contact, for Instance when the Call Agent redirects the endpoint to another Call Agent as in: 521 1204 Redirect N:

MGCP- Session Description Encoding

SDP Avdio Service Use Protocol Version(V=) Origin(o=) Session Name(s=) Connection Data(c=) Media Announcements(m=) Attributes(a=) Ex) v=0 c=IN IP4 m=audio 24830 RTP/AVP 4 a=ptime:30 a=cdsc : 1 image udpt I t38

MGCP- Piggy-Backing
Separated by a line of text that contains a single dot

200 2005 OK . DLCX 1244 aaln/ MGCP 1.0 NCS 1.0 C: A3C47F21456789F0 I: FDE234C8
Used to guarantee in-order delivery of messages Used to Fate-Sharing of message delivery

MGCP- Event Packages

Line Package Package Name : L Used to identify events and signals for the line package for analog Access Line bz Busy Tone, dl Dial Tone, ft Fax Tone, hd Off Hook, hu On Hook, hf Flash Hook, ot Off Hook Warning Tone, rg Ringing, rt Ring Back Tone, sl Stutter Dial Tone, wt Call Waiting Tone

MGCP- Residential Gateway Restart

RMG rsip 1001 *@TEST.0000 MGCP 1.0 RM:restart RD:0 200 1001 OK AUEP 216 aaln/1@test.0000 MGCP 1.0 F: ES,A,I 200 216 OK ES:l/hu A: a:PCMU;G726-32;G723; gc:0, s:off RQNT 217 aaln/1@test.0000 MGCP 1.0 S: X: 210000e Q: discard R: L/hd 200 217 OK Call Agent

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