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Introduction to Tapjoy

Aaron Choi
Head of Shanghai Operations

1. 2. Mobile Facts Intro to Tapjoy

4. 5. 6.

Tapjoy Network Audience

Distribution Monetization Selected Cases

1.) Mobile Facts

Source: Zokem, inMobi

85% of consumers cant live without their smartphone 88% of consumers use their smartphone every day

Source: Interpret: Mobile App Attitudes & Usage and Segmentation Research, February 2012

U.S. Mobile App Consumption, Time Spent Per Category

Consumers average 47 minutes per day playing games

Source: Flurry Analytics, Dec 2011; Nielsen, 2011

2.) Intro to Tapjoy

Founded: 2007 Headquarters: San Francisco

Offices: US, UK, France, China, Japan, South Korea

Reach: 1+ billion mobile consumers on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 & HTML5 Funding: $70.5 million J.P. Morgan Asset Management Rho Ventures North Bridge Venture Partners InterWest Partners D.E. Shaw Ventures

Tapjoy: Core Services

Tapjoy is the leader in mobile app Distribution, Engagement, and Monetization




Intro to the Tapjoy Network

Apps in the Tapjoy Marketplace

Daily Ad Engagements

1+ Billion
Unique Total Users

150 million
Users reached in Asia

390 million
Monthly Active Users

Selected Tapjoy Advertisers

Selected Tapjoy Publisher Partners

3.) Tapjoy Network Audience

1,000,000,000 +
mobile devices
Female College-educated

Avg. age

In Asia


of apps in the Tapjoy network are outside of the gaming category & growing!

Example Apps Communication Apps unlock more text messages Entertainment Apps unlock more songs Productivity Apps unlock more slide templates

4.) Distribution

Our platform is a real-time live bidding network. Our network will tell you where your offer will be slotted based on current competition Manage all your campaigns from one dashboard, including rewarded pay-per-install, non-rewarded installs, featured ads, and video ads simultaneously
1.3 Million + Daily Conversions

Targeting Capabilities: Country level geo Similar apps Device and OS targeting

For a single app:

installs/day per App


Rewarded PPI offers represent the most significant revenue opportunity for mobile developers today and is the largest performing ad unit on our network.

Free cross promotion for our publishing partners.

Users can unlock additional content in your app while simultaneously discovering new apps.

PPI on iOS is driven from

Encourage users to complete specific actions within your app. For example, Play to level 2, Complete Tutorial, Share on Facebook, etc. Re-target users who have already installed your app, and have them return.

Tap Defense Case Study Motivate new users to install Tap Defense and advance to level 3.

Results: 70% new users advanced to level 10 21% returned to game the next day 6% new users monetized on first day

5.) Monetization

Business Model: App Store Top 25 Grossing

In-App Purchase Pricing apps (F2P) make up majority of app store Top 25 Grossing FRANCE GERMANY UNITED KINGDOM 4%
16% 24%












Source: iTunes App Store, May 2012

How it Works I need more coins to build on my land in Triple Town.

1 2

I can buy coins with real money.

I can earn coins by engaging with ads in Tapjoys Marketplace.

Tapjoy Helps Developers Improve Monetization

Paying Mobile Users = ~ 5%

On average, only 5% of mobile users will purchase virtual goods with real money

Tapjoy Monetizes the other 95% of Users

Non-Paying Mobile Users = 95%

other 95% of users!

Users can earn free virtual currency for in-app purchases in exchange for choosing to engage with an offer of their choice.

Tapjoy Value Exchange

How it Works:
Vivian needs more Pet Points to hire another employee in Pretty Pet Salon.

She can earn Pet Points by She can buy Pet Points engaging with ads in Tapjoys with real money. Marketplace.

Power of Choice
Vivian chooses to watch The Avengers movie trailer with Tapjoy and earns 59 Pet Points

Tapjoy Offerwall

Offer Types: Video Multiple revenue streams, on one offerwall 100% Fill Rate CPA Users Double Opt-in = User Consent & Intent Instant User Rewards


Tapjoy Ad Units (In-App)

Standard Banners


Featured Banners (Full-Screen) In-App Video can earn developers even more revenue from their apps is a cross-platform, HTML5, app discovery and virtual reward site with over 9MM registered mobile gamers

Revenues can increase 6x! Promotions
Many of our top developers promote inside their app with pop-up promotions

Kingdoms of Camelot

Battle Nations

Zombie Ace

6.) Selected Cases

Glu Earnings Report: Direct Pay + Tapjoy

Tapjoy increased Glus percentage of monetized DAU by 2x!

Direct Pay
Gun Bros Contract Killer Glu Average


\ the %-of-DAU monetized from Direct Pay Glus %-of-DAU monetized through Tapjoy matched
*All figured are taken from on Glu Mobiles Q1 Earnings Report

Thank you!
Aaron Choi

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