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The role of brand identity in developing your institutions image and reputation

18 November 2013

Brands and category ladders

Should a University have a brand identity? If yes, what makes you different?

The purpose of all organisations?

To create and add value

Value = benefits - costs

functional + service + emotional + social + environ benefits benefits benefits benefits benefits minus monetary + time + energy + psychic + social + environ cost cost cost cost costs costs

What is the cause-effect relationship?




financial viability

Brand is identity

Central to a brand is selecting identity elements and excluding others: I am this and I am not that.

Some definitions
A brand is a particular sense of meaning & direction.
- Jean-Noel Kapferer

Brands represent the value promise about the total resulting experience that customers can expect.
- Philip Kotler

Many elements to a brand

Contact Points POINTS

University Reputation

Name Typeface Logo/Icon Color Design

Brand Vision Brand Values Brand Personality Brand Positioning Brand parity vs. differences Brand Portfolio architecture Delivery Processes & Systems Staff Commitment & Passion Brand Management Brand Leadership

Three good questions to ask

1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. Why does it matter?

- Marty Neumeier (2003) - The Brand Gap

Brand leadership, brand management: where does it fit in a University?

- where do you find it on the organogram?

- under the marketing department?

Two energies of human organisations

- high frequency
- low frequency

Internal brand building

- leaking bucket theory

- brand built inside out and outside in - brand and organization culture

The value of a brand comes from its ability to gain an exclusive, positive and prominent meaning in the minds of a large number of consumers.
- Jean-Noel Kapferer

The concept of brand contact management

The brand is a focal point for all the positive and negative impressions created by the buyer over time as he comes into contact with the brands products, services, distribution channels and communications.
- Jean-Noel Kapferer

The role of brand building versus marketing?

what do we market?
the many tools of marketing building networks of association

Where do we go from here?

assign brand roles document your brand identity assess the strength of the brand internally assess the strength of the brand externally develop projects to fix the holes and / or take advantage of the opportunities

Cool reads

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Cool reads cont.

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Cool reads cont.

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