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Sexualized Violence


I. Beliefs About Rape
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Women often “cry rape” falsely. When a woman says “no” to a man, he has no right to have sex with her. When a woman accepts drinks and dinner from a man, it is reasonable for him to force sex on her. When a man forces a woman he knows to have sex on a date, it should be considered rape. The legal system is biased against men in rape cases.

II. 84% knew the attacker: 57% happened on dates Only 27% of victims thought of themselves as rape victims Only 5% reported it to police 75% of men had been drinking or taking drugs 43% of college men admit that they coerced sex .5 min 1 in 10 men is raped (sodomized) 91% of victims are F. 1 in 4 F college students . 1 sexual assault every 2. Rape Culture               In U. 1 in 4 women had been victims of rape or attempted rape. 9% are M Among F rape victims. 61% are under age 18 99% of offenders are M. 70% of rapes are committed by someone known to the person raped.S.rape or attempted rape 1 in 12 M students surveyed had committed acts that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape.



& Schmelcher (2006) Study #1:  90 Men 18-35  Rec‟d info about “other students‟ RMA” ◦ High or low Reported own RMAcceptance & RProclivity  Others‟ RMA & own RMA --> RP (Fig #1)  .III. Siebler. Rape Myths & Proclivity to Rape Bohner.

19* .Study #1: Predictors of Rape Proclivity Rape Proclivity .49*** Info about Others’ RMA .46*** Rape Myth Acceptance (RMA) .

Study #2:  158 Men 19-39  First reported own RMAcceptance  Rec‟d info about “other students‟ RMA” Very High. Low. or No Info  Reported own RP  Increases in Others‟ RMAcceptance --> Increases Own RP  Own RMAcceptance -->Own RProclivity (Fig #2) . High.


the victim is promiscuous or has a bad reputation. 1.42 2. In the majority of rapes.49 3. they are just asking for trouble.87 Scale from 0-5.21 2.IV.94 4. RMA of Female & Male Intercollegiate Athletes M % of Women who cry rape falsely Any healthy woman can successfully resist a rape if she really wants to. 0 = strongly disagree. 5 = strongly agree . When women go around braless or wearing short skirts & tight tops.59 2. it is her own fault if her partner forces sex on her.24 If a girl engages in necking or petting and she 2. F 2.88 lets things get out of hand.25 3.34 2.

1991) Admitters: ◦ Denied being rapists.  Deniers: ◦ Denied being rapists. . ◦ Admitted that their behavior was rape ◦ Gave justifications.V. Rapists Speak  (Scully. ◦ Denied that their behavior was rape ◦ Gave justifications.

” Women eventually relax and enjoy it. Macho Man– no need to rape. .How Deniers Defined Their Behavior       (not “rape”) Women seduced him Women mean “yes” when they say “no. Only a minor wrong doing. Nice girls don‟t get raped.

Conquest Dominance Recreation Felt Good “like I had just ridden the bull at Gilley‟s” . Punish. Rewards of “Rape” (Scully & Marolla. Collective Liability Added Bonus Entitlement. 1993)       Revenge.VI.

entitlement  Not about sexual pleasure  . resentment.What is & is not being said? Rape tends to be an expression of anger.

VII.military „spoils‟ of war  Frat and Athlete Rape ◦ Hidden code ◦ Lack of guilt ◦ Support for each other ◦ Alcohol/Drugs  . “Team Rape” Neimark (2005) Gang Rape -.

 Explanations from Team Rapists ◦ “Team” sport experience ◦ Male Bonding .part of group experience ◦ Conquest ◦ Not really hurt ◦ Not “human” like other women ◦ Willing: “nice-girl vs. party-girl ◦ Rules do not apply .

Biological (Nature) Cultural (Schema. Bate & Bowker’s 4 Theoretical Approaches A.VIII. D. Gender as Culture) Rhetorical (Strategic) Power . C. B.

IX. Prevention?  What can women do to prevent sexual violence against women? can men do to prevent sexual violence against women?  What .

"spacey. doing normal tasks  ◦ disturbances in sleeping and eating patterns  ◦ feeling numb.of physical injury. confusion.  May return during the following years. mood swings and depression  ◦ difficulty concentrating. All are normal responses. making simple decisions. embarrassment. self-blame. shake or appear to be agitated and restless. Crisis or Acute Stage: Immediately after Assault  May last a few days to several weeks. Recognizing Symptoms & Effects of Rape A. controlled. or seem calm. . anger. with little emotion  ◦poor recall of the assault or other memories  ◦ feelings of humiliation. as if an assault had never occurred.X. powerlessness  A survivor may cry.  Characteristics  ◦ fear . shame. guilt. mutilation and death  ◦ anxiety attacks and crying spells." or laugh hysterically.

Yrs Later  Attempt to put assault behind. helplessness ◦ withdrawal from family and friends ◦ deterioration of normal routine . substance abuse.not wanting to go out or be involved ◦ change in sexual behaviors. resume normal lifestyle.B.  Internal turmoil may continue to create: ◦ denial-attempts to block thoughts of the assault ◦ continued anxiety. Outward Adjustment Stage: Wks . eating disorders . attitudes ◦ misdirected or self-directed anger ◦ depression.

Buddy or Group Watch out for others too Drink less B. Language C. RADAR?  SUGGESTIONS FROM STUDENTS  Ex: LIGHTING in I. .XI. not “Relationship” Assertive Comm Make self undesirable target D. What Can You Do to Stop a Rape? A. Protect Self.V.

The “Go Away” Face .

 . Men Against Rape: Men. Do You: Look a woman in the eye or glance at her body?  Compliment women on more than their looks?  Keep an open mind when a woman labels something as sexist?  Refuse to take part in sexist humor?  Refrain from referring to women as objects -e. nailed..g.  Refer to sex using derogatory/violent terms -drilled. rating systems. etc. “that”..XII. “thing”. tapped  Consider the posters (e. Maxim) in your apt and how women feel about them. Take down if offensive.g. “ho”. banged.

Men Against Rape Must Be Cool To Care:  males got involved when the cool guys were already dUPqSU  .  We Are Man:  http://www.