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Raja Vikramaditya

Presented By Krithika,supriya,sunitha & dheeraj

Vikramaditya(Sanskrit: !as a "e#endary $st century B%& em peror o'(jjain,India, 'am ed 'or his!isdom ,)a"ourandm a#nanim ity* +ccordin# to thePratisar#a Par)ano'Bha)isya Purana, he !as the second son o' (jjain,s Kin# -andhar)asena o' theParam aradynasty*

.ine -em s and Vikram aditya,s court in (jjain, Indian tradition c"aim s that /han!anthari, Kshapanaka, +m arasim ha, Shankhu, Khatakarpara,Ka"idasa,Veta"0hatt(or Veta"a0hatta , Vararuchi, and Varaham ihira!ere a part o' Vikram aditya,s court in (jjain* 1he kin# com m issioned nine m en o' "etters, ca""ed the 2na)a3 ratna2 ("itera""y, .ine -em s , to !ork in his court*

(Sanskritd)i#una)a3ratna3or 2nine #em s2 !as a term app"ied to a #roup o' nine e4traordinary peop"e in an em peror,s court inIndia* Som e !e""3kno!n #roups are in theRaaj Sa0ha(court o' Kin#5anaka, &m perorVikram adityaand in &m peror+k0ar,sdar0ar*

.ine -ems o' his %a0inet

$* Ka"idasa: +uthor o' the #reat epic, 6Shakunta"a7, #reat poet, dram atist and the most prom inent scho"ar o' Sanskrit "an#ua#e* 8* +marnath: +uthor o' 6Sanskrit +m arkosh7 9* Shapanak: Prom inent +stro"o#ist !ho had achie)ed m astery in +stro"o#y* :* /han)antri: + /octor !ho had achie)ed mastery in the science o' m edicine; one !ho !as an e4pert in dia#nosis and one !ho cou"d prescri0e di''erent treatm ents 'or a sin#"e disease * <* Varruchi: &4pert =in#uist and an e4pert in -ram m ar >* Varahm ihir: +uthor o' ?or"d 'am ous epic, 6Bruhatsahita7 and mastery in +stro"o#y* @* -hatakpar: &4pert in scu"pture and architecture* A* Shanku: &4pert in -eo#raphy (1his name is e)en !e"" kno!n today in the 'ie"d o' #eo#raphy B* Veta"0hadra: &4pert in 0"ack ma#ic & tantric sciences

1he "e#endary Vikramaditya

1he t!o m ost 'am ous ta"es, 'eaturin# him , in Sanskrit areVeta"a Panch)im shatiandSim hasana3 /!atrim shika(21he 98 (ta"es o' the throne2 * 1hese t!o are 'ound in )aryin# )ersions in Sanskrit and a"so in the re#iona" "an#ua#es* Veta"a Panch)im shatite"" t!enty3'i)e stories in !hich the kin# tries to capture and ho"d on to aVeta"a that te""s a puCC"in# ta"e and ends it !ith a Duestion 'or the kin#*

Sim hasana3/!atrim shika, the ta"e o' the throne "ink to the "ost throne o' Vikram aditya !hich kin#Bhoja, the Param ara kin# o' /har, 'ound a'ter m any centuries*

Eamous Fonuments

1heIron Pillar "ocated in/e"hi, India, is a @m (89't co"um n in theGut0 com p"e4, nota0"e 'or the rust3resistant com position o' the meta"s used in its construction* 1he pi""ar has attracted the attention o'archaeo"o#istsandm eta""ur#istsand has 0een ca""ed 2a testament to the ski"" o' ancient Indian 0"acksmiths2 0ecause o' its hi#h resistance tocorrosion*1he corrosion resistance resu"ts 'rom an e)en "ayer o' crysta""ineiron hydro#en phosphate'orm in# on the hi#hphosphoruscontent iron, !hich ser)es to protect it 'rom the e''ects o' the "oca" /e"hi c"imate* 1he name o' the city o' /e"hi is thou#ht to 0e 0ased on a "e#end associated !ith the pi""ar

Iron Pillar


&thics and Vikramaditya + story o' promise not kept

1he ru"er o' Kishana#ar, Rajendra, !as e4trem e"y stron# and coura#eous* His Dueen, Prem a, #a)e 0irth to a 0eauti'u" dau#hter, Sona* Bein# an on"y chi"d, she #re! up c"e)er not on"y in studies 0ut in the use o' the 0o! and arro! and s!ord* She "earnt the art o' se"'3de'ence* +t the a#e o' her m arria#e !hen her parents !ere "ookin# 'or a suita0"e hus0and, she im posed a condition*

2/ear Eather, I !ant that m y hus0and shou"d 0e one !ho is hi#h"y ski""ed in 'i#htin# and !ho is a0"e to o)erpo!er, m e in 'i#ht* I' you a#ree to this condition then, you m ay m ake an announcem ent2* 1he announcem ent !as m ade in Kishana#ar as !e"" as in the nei#h0ourin# kin#dom s* 1hinkin# that Sona is on"y a #ir", and it shou"d not 0e a di''icu"t to !in a 'i#ht !ith her, m any suitors cam e 'or!ard to accept her cha""en#e* But !hen they m et Sona 'ace to 'ace these princes rea"iCed it !as not that easy to de'eat her* So they a"" !ent disappointed* She !as takin# on the suitors one a'ter another, am on# them !as Udayavarma, the prince o' %handan#har* He !atched the 'i#ht e)ery day , 0y joinin# the cro!d* ho! Princess Sona 'ou#ht and the di''erent strate#ies she adopted to m eet the m ethod o' 'i#htin# 'o""o!ed 0y each prince* (daya)arm a had "earnt a"" her strate#ies, and the ne4t day he !as ready to 'i#ht !ith her* 1he t!o 'ou#ht c"e)er"y and 'ierce"y* .either o' them !as prepared to surrender to the other* Soon Sona !as de'eated 0y (daya)arm a* .o! Sona kne! ho! he had succeeded in o)erpo!erin# her* She cam e 'or!ard and said to him that 2Fy condition !as that I !ou"d m arry anyone !ho !ou"d de'eat m e in the contest* 1hou#h you7)e de'eated m e, I can7t m arry you* Iou can yourse"' 'ind out the reason*2 (daya)arm a thou#ht 'or a !hi"e and said * 2Ies !hat you say is ri#ht, J Princess* I shou"d not m arry you*2 He 0o!ed to her and "e't the pa"ace*

.o! Betaa" asks Vikram a K?hy did she say he did not deser)e her hand in marria#e in spite o' his )ictory o)er herL It !as a"" 0ecause o' her arro#ance, !asn7t itL I' you kno! the ans!ers to m y Duestions that speak out i' you don,t then I !arn you that 2your head !i"" 0e 0"o!n to piecesMK Vikrama ans!ered: K1hou#h she had a#reed that condition that (daya)arm a had de'eated her in s!ord3'i#ht 0ut she didn7t keep her !ord* 1hat,s true* (n"ike other princes, (daya)arm a did not #o 'or a 'i#ht !ith her strai#ht a!ay, instead he sat in the cro!d and !atched her 'i#htin# and in 0et!een he had studied a"" the strate#ies that she adopted !hi"e 'i#htin#, just as a discip"e !ou"d "earn 'rom his teacher* +nd a teacher cannot m arry his or her student* It7s uni)ersa""y accepted that one7s 'ather, m other and teacher are a"" "ike a -odN*

HJ? &1HI%S IS /&PI%1&/ H&R&L

Situation hand"in# tactics is adopted 0y Vikram a 'or a"" the stories to"d 0y 0etaa" is e4traordinary* In that story, there !as a di"em m a 'or Kin# and Gueen !hich !as !e"" hand"ed 0y Vikram a ethica""y that teacher is considered to 0e -od and hence she cannot m arry (daya)arm a* In the process o' #ettin# 0eta" to the sa#e a"so, !hi"e it narrated the stories, and said it would fly again to tamarind tree if Vikram opens his mouth as !e"" as if not answered his head would break into pieces, !ithout #i)in# up he m ana#ed to #et it, a'ter ans!erin# to a"" Duestions* 1his sho!s his com m itm ent and determ ination to!ards a !ork !hich is a"so a 'orm o' ethics*

+s a sanskrit pro)er0 #oes yatha raja tatha praja Kin# Vikram aditya has sho!ed a !ay to his su0jects 0y 0ein# coura#eous, ethica" and sincere in a"" his dea"in#s* &thics a"!ays is not inherited, 0ut is de)e"oped 0y 'acin# a"" situations in "i'e in a ri#ht m anner* .e)er #i)e up and 'o""o! the responsi0i"ities a""otted to each person (/harm a 'or the di''erent ro"es p"ayed 0y him is !hat Vikram a7s "i'e i""ustrates us* Vikram aditya !as success'u" on"y 0ecause o' these Dua"ities and sti"" is rem em 0ered 'or his persistence* ! ets all be grateful to him and develop these "ualities to become successful and good human beings#

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