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Task 1
What does AIDS stand for? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome What is the cause of AIDS? It is caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus which attacks selected cells in the immune system and produces defects in function Which part of our body is infected by AIDS? Our immune system How can we detected that someone has been infected by AIDS? The defects may not be apparent by someone but we can see from their immune system. While someone infected by AIDS, their immune system will damaged, and open the body to invasion by carious infections and to the development of unusual cancers.

Does AIDS defect humans nerve system? Explain. Yes, it does. AIDS defect humans nerve system caused by physical damage called neuropsychiatry or psychological disturbances. How can someone get infected by AIDS? HIV can be infected of body fluids, including blood, semen, saliva, tears, urine, cerebrospinal fluis, breast milk, and cervical and vaginal secretions. Strong evidence indicates, HIV is transmitted only through two primary routes; sexual inter exposure to infected blood or blood products; and fom an infected mothe to her child before of during birth. What is/ are the step(s) to reduce the number of AIDS patients? Prcatices of screening blood donors and testing all donated blood and plasma for HIV antibodies. Do woman have many more opportunities to get infected by AIDS compare to man? Explain.

Can someone get infected by AIDS through nonsexual contact? Clarify your answer. I think yes they can. Because I think the infected viruses can infected the others by body fluids. Like blood, urine, tears and saliva. So it can open the oppurtinity of the viruses to infected the others. What should we do to prevent ourselves from AIDS? By no having free sex can be the major to prevent urselves from AIDS

Task 2
What do you think about the spreading of AIDS cases in Indonesia recently? I think the spreading of AIDS cases in Indonesia are increase. Why? Because Do you think that nowadays Indonesian people have been aware of AIDS? Why? What should the Indonesian government do to reduce the numbe of AIDS patients?

Task 3
Clinical signs. Following infection with HIV, an individual may show no symptom at al, or develop an acute but transient monocleus like illness. The period between initial infection and the development of AIDS is currently observed to vary from about 6 month to 11 years. Clinical estimates indicate that somewhere between 26 to 46 percents of the injected individuals will go on to develop full- brown AIDS within a little more than 7 years following death. Once a diagnosis of AIDS is certain, the infection courses generally follow a relentless decline, with various occurring within one two years.

Task 4
1. Syndrom : number of symptoms which indicate an abnormal condition of the body 2. Infection : being contamined by a certain kind of disease 3. Immune : to prevent the advance of illness 4. Resist : secure from disease taxation 5. Secretion : process by which certain substances in animals or plants body are separated 6. Vaccine : substance injected into the bloodstream used to protect a person from a disease 7. Tear : drop of salty water coming from the eye 8. Donos : persons who give his/ her own blood for transfusion 9. Infant : child during the first year of life 10. Diagnosis : statement or the result of observing the symptom