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Details Of The Project

Client Construction agency

Starting date Site

ADA M/S Garg Resurfacing & Construction Ltd. 28-05-2013 Shastripuram C Road

Training schedule
Date 27 may to 28 may 28 may to 2 June 3 June & 5 June 6 June to 10 June 11 June to 14 June 15 June to 16 June Work Understood the work culture. Visit to the Hot mix plant WBM layer Binder and surface course Visit to RMC plant Quality Assurance and Accounting.

Hot Mix Plant

An hot mixture plant is an assembly of mechanical and electronic equipment where aggregates, recycled materials or other additives are blended, heated, dried and mixed with binder to produce asphalt mixture meeting specified requirements.
In the batch-type mixing plant, hot aggregate, recycled materials and binder are added in designated amounts to make up one batch. After mixing, the asphalt mixture is discharged from the pug mill in one batch.

Components of hot mix plant

Aggregate cold-feed bins Conveyor and aggregate weighing system Drum mixer Dust collection system Hot mix conveyor Mix surge bin Control van Binder storage tank

controlled gradations of aggregates are deposited in the cold feed bins collection of excess dust escaping from the drum Loading of mixture on hot mix conveyor

feeding of the aggregates in exact proportions onto a coldfeed conveyor

binder and aggregate are thoroughly blended by the rotating action of the drum.

transfering to a surge bin

monitoring of the amount of aggregate flowing into the drum mixer using automatic aggregate weighing system

loaded into trucks and hauled to the paving site. introduction of the binder into the drum using interlocked weighing system

Resurfacing process

The cutting the remaining components of the weared road Cleaning of the surface Laying and compaction of the Water Mix Macadam course Laying and compaction of the P1 coat Laying and compaction of bituminous mix Tack coat Laying and compaction of the semi dense bituminous coat.

Layers in resurfacing
WBM: broken red stone with the slurry, made in four bin type mixing plant. P1 coat: binder course, 20mm aggregate with 1.5% bitumen. Bituminous mix: 20 mm aggregate: 60% 10mm aggregate: 40% Bitumen: 3.5%. SDBC: 10mm aggregate: 40% 6mm aggregate: 60% Bitumen: 5%

RMC(Ready mix concrete) Plant

Ready mix concrete plant is a centralized factory or batching plant. concrete is mixed in the plant and then transported through a truck or trailer to the construction site. Concrete with different design mixes are prepared according to customers requirement

Plant specifications

The plant was radial bin scraper type. The capacity was 15m3 per hour.

The concrete produce per batch was 5m3.


The training period was a very good learning experience for me. It helps me to integrate my theoretical knowledge with the practical knowledge. The training provided me an opportunity to work with the professionals and helps me in understanding the responsibility of employees at each level.