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Baby Boomers Gen X & Gen Y How do we work together?

The Generations

Veterans Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y

pre 1946 1965 1978

1946 1964 1977 1994

Understanding Y by Peter Sheahan

Baby Boomers
Men of character I love Lucy

Generation X
Men & women of character Happy Days

Generation Y
What is character Jerry Springer

Earn it


Give it to me Give me Saturday off or Ill quit Feel it in their gut

Its not everything Work my way to Shortcut to the the top top Ignorant of it Comfortable



Both parents working Latch key kids More resourceful Individualistic, self reliant & irreverent Relationships Outcomes Their rights Own view on corporate loyalty & status symbols Easy to recruit Hard to retain Enjoy technology

Optimistic, cyber kids Confident & sociable Strong morals Passion community service Comfortable with ethnicity Workplace flexibility Think differently Mature, resilient & practical Fast learners Multi-taskers Team orientated Technology is their bag Grew up with Internet, speed & access to info





Privacy Hard work Trust Formality Authority Social order

Competition Hard work Success Team work Body language Anti rules Fight for a cause






Creativity Information Feedback Quality worklife

Positive attitude Diversity Money Technology Team work

Factors to consider:

Gen X - most educated Gen Y - most technologically savvy Boomers often took a job for life Gen Y - expect change jobs regularly Gen X - want work / life balance Gen Y team focussed

We don't have to agree however we must strive to understand the different mind-sets and how each group sees the world based on their experiences

Differences & similarities to benefit our businesses


Veterans Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y

work first live to work work to live live then work


Baby boomers

Generation X

Generation Y


See the steps leading to the goal Love pep talks

Tell them what Provide needs to be opportunities done, not how for continuous learning Ask for reactions & opinions Informal recognition day off Be more of a coach, than a boss Informal communication through email/passage conversation

Logic of actions Traditional recognition

Wide public profile style recognition

Benefits from multigenerational work teams

More flexible Broad insight in your customer base Talented people of all ages Decisions are stronger More innovative Meet the needs of diverse public


Educate the managers & leaders Coach less experienced team members Re-design jobs to fit Offer greater flexibility in work contracts Mobilise the workforce Develop Learning Organisations Create more inclusive workplaces


Use IT savvy Gen Y with technology Workplace flexibility Reward interest with projects Regular meetings Include in goal setting Ask them what they want

Motivational Tactics
Respect Straight talk Good pay Interesting work Feel their job is important Defined roles & responsibilities Opportunity for self-development Amount of freedom & flexibility

Communicate with Xers

Learn the language of X Use e-mail & voice mail Present facts, use straight talk Ask them for feedback Share info immediately & often Use an informal communication Listen! Provide a challenging environment Allow individual growth & development Assign projects that stimulate

Communicate with Yers

Paint pictures with words Use action verbs cut the crap Don't talk down Show respect Use e-mail, voicemail & text Use visual communication Constantly seek their feedback Use humor Encourage them to explore new options

Team Work Y Style

Team members mix outside of work Enjoy staff gatherings Encourage to mix with workmates Arrange social events to involve team

Ys sense of team runs deep

Get to know your team, as a team and as individuals Be personable Your staff are people not cogs or numbers Do not patronise they will run a mile

Remember Gen X & Gen Y

o o o o o

They dont tolerant poor leadership They are not afraid to speak up Use their communication medium Use their terminology Have fun at work!