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Performance Testing
What is Performance Testing ? Why is Performance Testing? Objectives of Performance Testing? When to do Performance Testing?

How to do Performance Testing (Flavours)?

What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing is a process to identify the application behavaiour under controlled conditions(Eg: No.of users, Duration). Performance testing focues on the volume, load, scability and stability of the underlysing software architecture and hardware in real-time environments.

Performance testing is aimed at verifying the systemss performnace requirements like Response time, transactional throughput and number of concurrent users. Performance testing is used to acurately measure the end-to-end performance of a system prior to go live.

Why is Performance Testing?

Issues in General

Poor Response Times: The page downloaded I tke more than 2 minutes where as it should download with in 5 seconds.

Scalability Issues: If the increasing number of users applied on the systems, after it reaches its maximum handling capacity, system starts giving response times from 5 seconds to 50 seconds.
Availability: If the servers are getting shutdown frequestly this impacts the availity of systems. High Resource Usage : If the application server CPU utilization exceeds 90% which needs to host more number of users than existing. Prevents costly failures of mission-critical applications. Assures performance and functionality under real-world conditioons Locates postential problems before your customers do. Reduces developments time and infrastructure costs.

Objectives of Performance Testing

Below are the objectives that are satisfied. Applications response for the intended number of users. Allications maximum load resisting capacity. Appkications capacity of handling the number of tractions require by the Business.

Applications stability under expected and unexpected user load

Hardware Capacity Planning Benchmarking.

To identify memory leaks and Application bottlenecks in performance front.

When to do Performance Testing?

Capacity Assessment for a new application. Before application goes into production. For Functional changes or enhancements. Performance testing at each level early. Migration/upgrading To identify application behaviour and performance issues.

How to do Performance Testing(FLAVOURS)

Load Testing: It is Conducted to verify whether the application can meet expected SLAs in terms of Response times,Through put and Resource utiliation etc., under different loads of Vusers.
Stress Tesing : This performance testing is done to identify the application maximum handling capacity of users, by determining the breakpoint.

Spike Testing: It is performance test conducted to validate performance Characteristics when subjected to load volumes repeatedly increase beyond anticpated production operations for short periods of time
Endurance/Soak Testing: It is conducted to verify application membory leaks and code inefficienies test is performed for lond durations like 5 hours,10 hours, 1 day. Volume Testing: These are more appropriate for messing. Batch process type situations. Here we concentrate more about throughtput instead Res[ponse time.

Performance Test Plan