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Automobile Engines

An automobile engine has 2 main types:

External combustion engine Internal combustion engine

The Engine Types

External Combustion

nternal Combustion

Combustion of fuel takes place outside the cylinder in a furnace. Unsuitable for mobile applications like transportation. Hot flue gases are used to raise the pressure and temperature of another fluid.. eg: Steam

Combustion of fuel takes place inside the cylinder. Suitable for mobile applications. Hot flue gases are used to generate mechanical po!er and then are re"ected back into the atmosphere.

The nternal Combustion Engine

# # Almost all the cars use the internal combustion engine. The .C. engine uses a four stroke combustion cycle to con$ert fuel into motion. ntake Compression Combustion Exhaust

%& %& %& %&

Free Piston Engine

The 'iston Engine has the follo!ing main components:
i. Spark Plug


ntake $al$e

ii. Engine (lock

ii. Camsha t

iii. )il 'an

iii. Piston i!. Connecting "o# !. Cranksha t

i$. )il sump $. Camshaft

(asic Engine 'arts

n a multi*cylinder engine+ the cylinders usually are arranged in one of three !ays: inline+ V or flat or horizontally opposed. Spark plug The spark plug supplies the spark that ignites the air,fuel mixture so that combustion can occur. The spark must happen at "ust the right moment for things to !ork properly. Valves The intake and exhaust $al$es open at the proper time to let in air and fuel and to let out exhaust. -ote that both $al$es are closed during compression and combustion so that the combustion chamber is sealed.


A piston is a cylindrical piece of metal that mo$es up and do!n inside the cylinder.

Connecting rod

The connecting rod connects the piston to the crankshaft. t can rotate at both ends so that its angle can change as the piston mo$es and the crankshaft rotates.


The crankshaft turns the piston.s up and do!n motion into circular motion "ust like a crank on a "ack*in*the*box does.


The sump surrounds the crankshaft. t contains some amount of oil+ !hich collects in the bottom of the sump /the oil pan&.

0iesel Engine
A diesel engine also has the free piston pattern+ but it follo!s the compression techni1ue.

0iesel Combustion
# %. %. %. %. The 0iesel Engine also uses a 2*stroke cycle. Air intake Compress 3uel ntake Exhaust

The Rotary Engine

A rotary engine does ntake+ Compression+ Combustion+ Exhaust "obs+ but each one happens in its o!n part of the housing. t.s kind of like ha$ing a dedicated cylinder for each of the four "obs+ !ith the piston mo$ing continually from one to the next. n a rotary engine+ the pressure of combustion is contained in a chamber formed by part of the housing and sealed in by one face of the triangular rotor+ !hich is !hat the engine uses instead of pistons.

The 4a5da 6otary Engine Cap.:789H'

The Most Po erful Engine !n The "orld

This is the engine of a (ugatti :eyron. t is #$$# %P and has a top speed of 29;< km,h. t is a " %= engine i.e. it has t!o :*>?s !orking together. t also has %7 radiators to cool it.