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Asas Penggunaan Alat Handheld GPS Berkejituan Tinggi Topcon GMS-2

Integrated Digital Camera

Removable Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Multimedia Port/Slot

GMS-2 *Base Map *Image Satellite *Real Time Network DGPS *Dual Constellation *Multipath Function *Integrated Camera *GIS & GPS purpose

Basemap .SHP .DWG .DXF

Image Satellite

Landsat7 Ikonos QuickBird 2 SPOT 5

.Jpeg .Geotiff .bmp

Post Process Module

Below is a TopSURV-GIS Dataflow diagram. Follow these steps to set up a project and collect GIS data using TopSURV-GIS.

Click on the TopSURV icon

Key in the job name

Click New for create new job Browse to choose the type of survey

Click on Next

Click on Next

Click Edit Base Receiver configuration

Click Next

You can choose the antenna type for base antenna

Click on Next

Key in antenna height

Select antenna type

Base Receiver configuration

Select vertical for measurement using pole or Select slant for measurement using tripod

Click Next

Initialize time configuration

Collect parameters configuration

Click Next

Click Next

Click Finish

Navigation Parameters Configuration

Click Next

Click this button to browse another type of projection

Select the coordinate system

Click Next

Display Setting

Click Finish Unit Configuration

Click Next

Alarm Setting

The arrow will become cycle of arrow like this when the controller and receiver have connected.

To view GPS status, click the Col menu and choose the status

Select the pos to view position data

Select the Sys to view System data

Select the Svs to view Satelit availability

To start the GPS observation, click the Col menu and choose the collect features and type a name for the file

To start the GPS observation, click the Col menu and choose the start base and key in the features for the base

List of Job menu

List of View menu, enable is ticked to on the view function

List of Edit menu

List of Navigation Menu

List of Cogo Menu

List of Help Menu

The Steps how to process the data with Topcon Tools Software

Open Topcon Tools and click on new job

Type in Job name, Job location, Created by, comment, choose congfiguration and click ok

Import the data from file;

For rover, import tlsv files & tps files For base, import tps files & RINEX file

Import the data from file;

All the rovers data will appear in Map View

Import the data from file;

After import the base station, the line will be automatically generate between static points and base

Go to Process menu and choose DGPS postprocessing

DGPS postprocessing Started

CAD View

Import the base map

Import the base map

Go to Job Menu and Choose Export

Ready to export in many file format