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How many of these social networks do you have an account with?

Using the green (agree) and red (disagree) cards, how many people have: e!tagged" a photo? #$aggerated the truth online? %hosen specific words&images on their profiles to make themselves appear fashiona'le&moral&nice? (aid something deli'erately negative a'out themselves?

Representation and The Media

)n social networks sites, we have the a'ility to represent ourselves in any way we like* +his is 'ecause we have ownership of them* ,e can choose to make these profiles reflect our ideology (values, attitudes and 'eliefs) or we can present a different set of values* -re the su'.ects of newspaper articles a'le to represent themselves? )r is this out of their control? ,hy?

Representation - Week 2 Ideology, Bias and Ownership

Learning Objecti es
+o consider the role ownership plays in representation* +o investigate the ownership of The Sun newspaper* +o see to what e$tent the ownership affects the representation in The Sun newspaper*

"s Media #t!dents, yo! need to$

Understand that everything in the media is constr!cted Understand why and how representations are created* (How ) /e critical of representations, 'y deciding whether they are fair"&un'iased or unfair"&'iased Understand why familiar representations keep recurring* 0s it to do with society or the media (or a relationship 'etween the two?)* ,ho1s really in charge?

,hat do you think affects the representations we see in The Sun? #*g* time, place, popularity, audience, society, agendas, 'ias etc2 0ndividually write one e$ample on your post!it!note*

3ow, arrange these in order of importance (each side of the classroom is a group)* %ollectively decide as a class what you think is the most important way representation is affected in The Sun*

Representation in %ewspapers

+here are 4 steps in the .ourney 'etween the real world and the reality presented 'y newspapers: their representation. (election )mission %onstruction

3ews 5alues +arget -udience

/ias -genda -udience

/ias 0deology -udience


3ewspapers and reporters are s!pposed to provide their readers with:

)'.ective information* +his means it should 'e free from pre.udice caused 'y personal feelings* Un'iased 6 represent people, events and ideas fairly* 7elia'le information 6 from trusted sources*

,owe er+++

-lthough the news is presents itself as an objecti e (non!'iased) form of media, like any other media te$t it has its own agenda* 8iske (9:;<) called this The Transparency &allacy1 as the news is not objecti e or 'transparent( - the news cannot cover every event that happens in the world, therefore individual newspapers&stations select those that are 'newsworthy( and )ediate them according to the prod!cers*owners ideology+

Task0 21 )in!tes

=ook through a copy of The Sun newspaper %an you find a story that is 'iased? http:&& www*wikihow*com&7ecogni>e!/ias!in!a!3ewspaper!-rticle %ut and stick article onto flipchart paper? -.plain what the 'ias is towards* Identi/y photos&language&layout that supports the 'ias -lso comment on:
(electivity 6 what has 'een left out? )pinion 6 whose opinion is it? (pace 6 how much space is dedicated to the story? ,hy? (e@uence 6 where is information placed in the story? How does this influence you?

,hy do you think The Sun has taken this particular viewpoint? 8eed'ack to class?

2age 3 e.a)ple

http:&&www*independent*co*uk&news&media&press&my!fe (pend C minutes reading the article* o you think it is un'iased? ,hose opinion is represented in the article? ,ho actually constructs this representation?

I/ this is the answer++++

R42-RT M4R5O6,
What is the 7!estion8

Task0 9 )in!tes
+he (un is owned 'y 3ews 0nternational (also known as 3ews %orp) which is a multi!media conglomerate company (i*e* own lots of media platforms across the world?) 7esearch 3ews 0nternational and find out e$actly what media outlets they own* Dake a mind!map of your findings* %onsider:

3ewspapers +elevision 8ilm %ompanies Eu'lishing

Representation and Ownership

7epresentation in newspapers can argua'ly 'e affected 'y who owns the specific newspaper* +he national, regional and local newspaper industry is managed and run 'y pri ate /ir)s+

Ownership and Bias

oyle (ABBA) argues that that too much concentration o/ )edia ownership is dangero!s and unhealthy 'ecause the media have the power to make or 'reak political careers and have a considerable in/l!ence o er p!blic opinion+
More than 60% of the national newspapers are owned by two major companies Trinity Mirror NewsUK What problems may come up with such exclusi e ownership of the press!

Write down one proble) yo! think )ight arise /ro) this in ter)s o/ al!es presented+

'"ppearance o/ 6hoice(

Dc%hesney (ABBB) argues we have the Fappearance of choice1 in various media lots of different products all selling much the same sort of (limited range) of ideas 6 in this way, do)inant ideology of a range of representations (gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, se$uality) are sustained*

The Sun and 2olitical "//iliation

,hat is ideology? +he (un"s ideology is a right!wing" and therefore usually supports the %onservative" party as they are a political group with right!wing" ideologies* ,hat ideology do you think right!wing"& %onservative supporters have? Gou have 4 minutes to write this down on your white'oards* %onsider: immigration, gender roles and values, social 'eliefs (the environment etc), religion, nationality, financial issues and class*

Right Wing*6onser ati e Ideologies

7ight wing (conservative) ideology tends to value:

tradition, order, patriotism, family values (heterose$ual) capitalism (promotion of money&private 'usiness for profit they typically 'elieve that 'usiness shouldn"t 'e reg!lated (own lots of 'usiness H 'igger profit)* 'elieve that every individual should Iknow their placeJ i*e* class division* Eromotes the status @uo"

+he (un newspaper generally represents right wing" ideology* 0*e:

patriotic supports family values anti immigration anti 'enefit claimants anti muslim %apitalist!supports 'usiness

The #!n and Ownership

-s the 'iggest selling newspaper in the UK, could this affect who is voted into government?

Representation o/ an - ent
8or the e$am you may 'e asked to write a'out how an event has 'een represented =ook at The Sun"s article today on the representation of Im A Celebrity =ist all the right!wing" ideology the article contains and support with e$amples from the article* +his might through images, layout or copy* %ould this article therefore 'e seen as conforming to right!wing"&conservative ideology? #$tension: %onsider how the article could have 'een written if someone else had won*

6ontradictions in The Suns Ideology

The Sun tries to represent social cohesion (champion the pu'lic mood&dominant ideology) 'ut contradictorily 'elieve that every individual should Iknow his placeJ i*e* class division* ((upports the (tatus Luo") However, The Sun newspaper has a working! class stance and target audience (%9!#) means this position is usually dressed!up as standing shoulder!to!shoulder with the common man*

Representation and Ownership

,hat a'out .ournalists? 0n AB9A, ;MN of articles in +he (un were written 'y men* +his relates 'ack to the //% article from last week as women as invisi'le" in the media*

Has this changed in the past year? Gou have 4 minutes to check the num'er of female 'y!lines: male 'y!lines* ,rite the ratio on your white'oard*

Representation in %ewspapers
:The press is so power/!l in its i)age-)aking role, it can )ake a cri)inal look like he(s the icti) and )ake the icti) look like he(s the cri)inal+ This is the press+ I/ yo! aren(t care/!l, the newspapers will ha e yo! hating the people who are being oppressed and lo ing the people who are doing the oppressing;+ - Malcol) <

Ideology and Bias

Worst 4= %ewspaper ,eadline - er8 "nswer > '#traight #e. 6annot ?i e @o! "I5# > O//icial( A&ro) The Sun in BCDCE