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Communication in the Tourism Industry

Tourism and Communication

Vacation, travel Islands, Cities, Countries, Mountains, Beaches $6 trillion Industry 225 million jobs

Communication plays a vital role in the Tourism industry: Wide and varied target audience Different countries, culture, religion Right communication essential to reach out to all

Effective Communication:

Send out the right information and message in the best way

Listen, observe and understand what the tourist have to say

Importance of Communication in Tourism

Offers tangible cues about the intangible experiences Overarching role in Tourism being a service industry Dependency on various modes of communication Miscommunication may lead to neglects of the place and hence a great loss to the economy

Modes of Communication in Tourism

Word of Mouth

Television Modes of communication Billboard

Radio Brochures Books

Incredible India campaign

Effective communication in Tourism

Atithi Devo Bhavah campaign to communicate to masses about their social responsibility

Emphasize the historic sites, tourist attractions, and general sense of excitement and dynamism to western audiences
Choice of Brand ambassador communicates: Core Indian values, trust, credibility, esteem Vibrant colour banners and advertisements showcased different aspects of Indian culture like Festivals ,Cuisines and Clothing

Khushboo Gujarat Ki

Choice of Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador communicates: core Indian values, trust, credibility, esteem The soul of Gujarat- culture, language, tradition, heritage is embodied Emphasis on uniqueness about the place Turning point in Gujarat State Tourism 16% increase in overall tourists with 300% increase in foreign tourists in 3 years

So where the bloody hell are you?

An example of controversial communication A$180m advertisement campaign launched in 2006 by Tourism Australia Controversy over use of the word bloody Banned in Canada and bloody hell removed in Singapore

Intended to attract tourists from Japan, Germany and UK

But the no. of tourists decreased by 5.7%, 4.7%, 2.3% from Japan, Germany and UK respectively

Barriers of Communication in Tourism

Cultural Differences Language Differences

Use of Jargons

Barriers in Communication
Expectations and Prejudices

Emotional Barriers

Perception/ Viewpoint

Distraction/ Irrelevance

Types of Cultural Communication

Cross cultural communication

International communication
Multicultural communication Intercultural communication

Two-way communication
Is it important to know what the tourist think?

To listen, understand and work on the problem areas To keep the industry strong and going To know the competitors


Feedback forms Tourist guides and agents Complaint box


Effective communication is required to send the right information in the right manner

Bad communication can have a huge negative impact

Communication in the Tourism industry is a Two-way communication

Communication plays a very important role in the Tourism Industry

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