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The Dutch Rabbit



General Physical Description Characteristics Breeding & Temperament Food & Health Issues

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General Physical Description & Characteristics

The Dutch rabbit is quietly small compact rabbit. Its ear

stands erect and powerful back legs are longer than front legs. This rabbit is basically white with addition of any colour. The life span of Dutch rabbit is 5 to 8 years but longer life span can be expected if neutered. Due to high expectations demanded for perfection in type and markings, Dutch is one of the greatest challenges for experienced breeder alike.

General Characteristics of Dutch Rabbit

1. Average life span: 5 to 8 years 2. Maximum reported life span: 15 years 3. Average adult weight: 4-5.5 pounds 4. Average gestation period: 30-33 days 5. Average litter size: 5 to 6 kits 6. Optimal weaning age: 4-6 weeks 7. Average food consumption: 0.8 ounces/pound 8. Average water consumption: 5 to 10ml/pound depending upon temperature & humidity.

Breeding & Temperament

Basically three breeds of rabbits are more popular: Blue rabbit Black rabbit Grey rabbit

The Dutch is among friendliest rabbit so this breed good for new owner and for children. This gentle rabbit does not mind careful handling unlike some flightier breeds. It can be injured if dropped from a persons grasp. The Dutch rabbit is very energetic, good nature and has nice personality. They do not need so much attention and become bored easily. They are very intelligent and can be easily trained.

Food & Health Issues

Normally rabbits eat grass and herbs in morning and evening. But you have to take care of the food chart for your rabbit. Feed the rabbit pellet in the morning and good quality of hay in the evening. The pelleted food is much better than the mix-coloured food.

Health Issues:
Dutch rabbit has a very soft coat. They can easily be a victim of allergies. They have also health problems like dental problems, skin cancer, eye problem etc. When their teeth is over grown then it is the major issue in the health of a rabbit. Except this, overfeeding may cause in health problem.

Care for Rabbits

A pet rabbit must be vaccinated by Myxomatosis and

Viral Hemorrhagic disease. If the behaviour of rabbit is listless, lethargic , not moving then you should be concerned & take action.

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