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Landslides are a major hazard in most mountainous and hilly regions. Their impact depends largely on their size and speed, the elements at risk in their path and the vulnerability of these elements. Landslides cause fatalities and result in large damage to infrastructure (roads, railways, pipelines, artificial reservoirs) and property (buildings, agricultural land).

1. Damage To Infrastructure Landslides can lead to damage to property resulting from the force flow or mud. Infrastructure land such as buildings and roads can be destroyed by the occurred landslides. Example: Damage to roads which affect communication system of roads. May 15, 1999, thousands of residents in housing estates and the International Bukit Wangsa Ukay in Jalan Hulu Klang trapped when a landslide occurred in the 100 meter event 5:20 am that closed the only road out into the neighborhood

2. Loss of life Loss of life is a dangerous effect upon the occurrence of a landslide and it is difficult to avoid. Many lives will be lost upon the

occurrence of landslides.

31 May 2006 - Four persons were killed in

the landslides at Kampung Pasir, Ulu Klang, Selangor.

3. Landslide causes significant changes in the landscape of the earth's surface Pile of soil and mud from the landslide activity caused the high ground may be flat and settling sediment can become thick very quickly. Consequently, dam, rivers or lakes become more shallow to hold a lot of water. Water level becomes higher and the ground becomes waterlogged areas. Landslides can also cause soil or rock slope becomes increasingly steep and unstable.

Examples: 29 August 1996 - A mudflow near Pos Dipang Orang Asli settlement in Kampar, Perak, 44 people were killed in this tragedy.
6 January 1996 - A landslide in the North-South Expressway (NSE) near Gua Tempurung, Perak. 30 June 1995 - 20 people were killed in the landslide at Genting Highlands slip road near Karak Highway.

4. Economic Decline

Landslides are certainly cause damage to property. This

brings losses to the economy of a country. Economic

rehabilitation is also needed in the area that has experienced a

landslide. This would cost a lot and some of the offending country economy. Example: A average, these landslides caused loss of $ 1-2 billion U.S. dollars and 25 disaster in the United States each year.


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