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Published by Rajiv Beri for Macmillan Indian Ltd(2006) Edition:1 Dhwani Sapra (12MBA087)


Mr. Jagdeep Kapoor is the Managing Director of Samiksha

Marketing Consultants

He has worked on large brands like Navneet, Halls, Monginis, Frooti, Cinthol, Nirma, FedEx, Nakshatra, Asmi

and many more.

He is widely considered as BRAND GURU and has authored best sellers including 27 Brand practices

He is a visiting Faculty at Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of

Management Studies, Mumbai

Review about Mr. Jagdeep Kapoor

The inimitable Jagdeep kapoor.Star of Marketing mantras and witticisms - Times of India

Marketing WHIZ! Jagdeep Kapoor

- business standard

Jagdeep Kapoor is one of the pioneers of franchise networking in India

- Business today


Mr. Jagdeep Kapoor has created the Segmentation model of KYA BOLU K- Knowledge Y- Young A- Attitude B- Benefits O- Occasion

L- Loyalty
U- Usage


This book says about the different Section in which the

segmentation can be done.

This book has covered mainly all the aspects of the segmentation of the products.

The KYA BOLU Strategies of Brand Segmentation has Covered beyond the existing concepts.


The Objective of this book is to provide a fresh

approach to Brand Segmentation in the Context.

This book gives new ideas to develop brands in different sectors.

This book provides the segment for modern world with its challenges and ever-changing marketplace


This book can give ideas to marketers that which

product is to be segmented where.

This book has provided all the possible segments where any type of product can be marketed.

This book can help us to understand the concepts of segmentation beyond the concepts.


Many a times segmentation goes wrong for some

products, the book has provided KYA BOLU

strategies which covers mainly major segments of the market.

This book has helped many students to understand the segmentation which id meant for their



This book has seven chapters namely KYA BOLU

Each word is a segment and this segment has defined many sub topics in it.

Each topic represent a segment for the product. All the concepts are written in easy language. The explanation is done very well and its easy to understand the content of the book


These concepts ca be applied for any product.

It has made easy to indentify the segments for the


This book provides many ideas about the different

products and the segments of the products, which is successful in the market.


This book has great content of segmentation with

live examples of the products that has been brand

in todays world.

Segmentation is very essential for all the products, if products are not segmented then the product may fail.

Correct Segmentation is essential to make a product into brand.