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Introductions PM Module Structure SAP Integration PM Module Implementation Appendix 1 SAP Screen Captures (ver 4.6b)

SAP Database Integration

Sales & Distribution

Financial Accounting

Materials Mgmt.


Production Planning


Client / Server ABAP/4

Fixed Assets Mgmt.

Quality Mgmt.

Project System


Plant Maintenance


Industry Solutions

Human Resources

Key Benefits of SAP Plant Maintenance Module

Records History to Location and Equipment Captures all Costs for a Work Order Direct Link to Store room Direct Link to Purchasing Ability to Check for Equipment Spares Ability to View Work Load Capacities Allows for Maintenance Reporting Allows for Comparison of Planned and Actual Costs

Links Equipment to Plant Locations

Tracks and Schedules Preventive Maintenance Allows Scheduling of Shutdowns / Turnarounds

Plant Maintenance Module Structure

Technical Objects
Tools/ Machines

Planners Material

Equipment Functional locations

Work center

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Tasks

planned tasks unplanned tasks

Maintenance History
History and Analysis Downtimes Damage list Costs Tasks

Maintenance order Completion confirmation

SAP PM Organizational Elements

Preventive Maintenance
Strategy Maintenance Plans and Items Scheduling Task List

Master Data Functional Location

Equipment Master

Classification Bill of Materials Workcenter Planner Group Measurements

Notification Work Order Planning Scheduling & Execution Report History Report Labor Material Acquisition

Work Order Management

Technical Object - Is It An Equipment , Functional Location or Material?


Can Move From Place To Place

Can Be Used For Various Functions Need To Track Location History Has Manufacturer / Model Details

Functional Location Changes Infrequently Has a Defined Structural Hierarchy Used To Locate Within Organization

Material Interchangeability Usage Tracked by Serial Number

Master Data Key Elements

Master Data
Parts Lists Assemblies Spares Mtc. Plans Task Lists Characteristics Classes Equipments/ Locations Drawings Activity Types Cost Centers Crafts/Skills Capacities Mtc. Organization

Master Data Key Elements

multilingual texts

Master Data
General data Location data

internal remark
Location A

equipment usage classification

Location B

x x

x x x x

PM data Documents/drawings

Measurement categories


Technical Object Master Data - Equipment

Service organization Location Multi-lingual texts

30 20 10 40 50 60 70 80


2351 Counters

Usage Life Trail

Location A

Location B


Partners/customer contact persons Documents/ drawings Classificati on
x x x

x x x x

Functional Location







Technical Object Master Data Functional Location Equipment Based



Location Hierarchy

Equip. Location

Plant Hierarchy

Equip. Type Unique ID Number Detailed Hierarchy


Technical Object Master Data Functional Location Location Based



Location Hierarchy


Plant Hierarchy

Cubical Item Detailed Hierarchy


Technical Object Master Data Functional Location P&ID Based



Process Hierarchy

Processing Step
P&ID Diagram

Sub-Process Hierarchy

Unit Operation Item Detailed Hierarchy


Install an Equipment in a Functional Location

One or more pieces of equipment can be

installed in a functional location Equipment inherits location based data when installed Room Operating department Charge codes Responsible maintenance team

Movement history between functional locations recorded

Combined Functional Location, Equipment, Materials Hierarchy

FLOC Upper

FLOC Lower

Functional Location Hierarchy

Sub Equipment

Equipment Hierarchy

Assembly Materials

Materials Hierarchy

Work Order Processing

Notification Made By Customer

Work Is Identified

Maintenance Cycle
Record What Was Done

Work Order Is Created By The Work Center Or Mechanic

Notification versus Work Order

Notification Work Request Captures Damage and Repair History (using

standard codes)
Records Downtime History

Work Order

Scheduling and Planning

Captures Cost History (Labor & Materials) Records Personnel History

Data is Archived Periodically

Work Order Processing Key Elements

Mtc. Plans

User Requests

Material Reservations Time Keeping

Material Issues Labor Requirements

Work Order Management

Work Orders Purchase Requisitions

Purchase Orders/ Contracts Goods/Invoice Receipt

Preventive Maintenance
Task List List of Operations Estimated Duration of Job Required Parts Frequencies (packages) Strategy Maintenance Item Equipment Number Task List Strategy Maintenance Plan Group Items Together Call Horizon Shift Factor Maintenance Item Strategy

Frequency Options

Default Call Horizon & Shift Factor

Maintenance Strategy Time Based or Counter Based List of Available Frequencies (packages) Call Horizon (PMI order created before due date) Shift Factor (late completion delays next PMI)

Schedule Plan Start Plan Reschedule Plan Immediate Call Manual Call

Create PMI Workorder

Integration Points
FI/CO - Accounting General Ledger Codes Cost Centers Activity Types Company Codes Plant Codes Settlement Rules Settlement Codes Cost Reports Budgeting Accruals Invoice Verification Accounts Payable AM - Asset Management Asset Masters Linked to Equipment HR - Human Resources Employee Numbers Staffing Organizational (department, organizational unit, position, etc) Skills and Qualification CATS (cross application timesheet) Shift Schedules

PS - Project System Project Numbers WBS (work breakdown structure) Schedule Large Projects/Turn Arounds Capital Expenditure Investment Management (Budgeting) Assets Under Construction
MM - Material Management Purchase Requisitions/Orders Purchase Approval Outline Agreements (service contracts) Receiving Vendor Masters eBusiness External Services Management Material Reservations Material Catalogue Stocking information (bin balance, bin location, cost, etc.) Transport Orders Restocking (MRP) Rotables/Repairables Tooling

Integration Points

PP - Production Planning Production Personnel doing Maintenance tasks Cross Application Time Sheet Downtime Scheduling for Production Equipment QM Quality Management Instrument Calibrations Tooling Calibrations

Data Warehouse Data Extraction off-line from SAP Custom Report Generation General Electronic Document Management (link to non-SAP documents) Classification (user defined variables)

Maintenance Order Integration chart

Plant Maintenance Actions Required

View Plant Breakdow n Analysis

View Plant Technical Structure

Create Maintenance Request

Create Maintenance Order

Plan Materials and Services

Issue Permit and Release Maintenance Order


Confirm labor and Material Consumption


Execute Work Confirm External Services

Out of Stock

Material In Serv ices Stock

Complete Notification

Technically Complete Order

Close Order

Accept Services


Material Reservat ion

Goods Issue Purchase Requisitions

Post GI and GR Movements Goods Receipts Invoice Verification

Purchase Orders

Planned Labor costs

Calculate Planned Cost

Calculate Actual Cost


Settle Order

Creating Acc. Document


Vendor Payment

I/C Vendor Account

Relationship with PM and FICO

FI/CO Plant Maintenance FI/CO

Functional Location Structure Class and Characteristics WorkCenter Planner Group Cost Center (who pays for repair)

Class and Characteristics Manufacturer Model

Payroll Benefits Overhead, etc.

Cost Center "Producing"

gl Activity types etc.

Cost Center gl Activity types "Receiving" etc.

Activity Types

Functional Location Equipment Master

WBS Project

Work Order

($/Hr ) * ( Labor Hours )

$$ $ $

Value Categories Labor, Internal....... group of GLs Labor, External...... group of GLs Material, Internal.... group of GLs Material, External... group of GLs Misc....................... group of GLs

(Settlement rule is defaulted but can be changed)

Internal Orders

Materials (MM)
gl - internal material

Purchase Orders
gl - spare parts gl - supplies gl - contract labor gl - ......


Key Design Points

Plant Structure Models your corporate and maintenance structure Functional Location Structure Location based or process based (production and engineering input also) Equipment Requirements to be a piece of equipment: purchase cost, history tracking

Workcenter Structure Craft based, self directed work teams, planner groups
Task Lists Equipment or Functional Location, multi-operation, multipackage

Maintenance Plans

Single or multi items per plan, time based or eq based

MRO Items Searching strategy, MRP Types Data Loading Legacy Systems Transfer, Programmed uploads or manual, cutover timing


Functional Location Structure

Equipment Master Record - General Tab

Equipment Master Record Organization Tab

Classification Assign Equipment to Class

Classes - Characteristics

Measuring Points

Work Centers

Notification Work Request

Notification History Recording

Work Order Header

Workorder Operations List

Work Order Completion Confirmation

Workorder Network Linkage

List Edit Search Screen Work Orders

List Edit -Results

List Edit Results Customization

Multi-Level List Edit -Selection Screen

Multi Level List Edit - Results Screen

Capacity Planning - Menu Options

Reporting System - Selection

Reporting System - Results

Task List - Header Screen

Create Task List -Operation View

Maintenance Plans - Single Cycle

Maintenance Plans-Single Cycle Additional Data - Scheduling

Configuration Menu

Configuration Node