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Green hospital is one of the new health innovation for a brighter future.



The Green Hospital : is one of the new basic concept to improve the health service in Indonesia. The Green Hospital Concept have a goals , it is to manage the ecological safety for client, clients family, and health personnel in the hospital environment.

To manages the hospital dont ust get stuc! on a business target orientation alone, the green hospital target also have to provide social servant for all patients without e"ception.

The concept of Green Hospital be built later on is : our patients if they staying in the hospital, they will be as comfortable as possible in a garden. They feel green and cool.

Green Hospital policy has not been widely applied in Indonesia. Investors, particularly in urban hospitals generally have a limited physical area, so the hospital was built with a tendency to ignore the elements of a green environment by simply concentrating the utili#ation of land use for the building to the ma".

$ey green construction elements: views in and out to garden%nature connection, terra##o floors. no &'C in interior. Energy: s!y lighting ( day lighting natural lighting softened ( modulated by landscaping, design and manual )ecco screen tas! lighting ( step lighting daylight controls

The arrangement of green hospital open space, have to considering the implementation side effects such as waste water, solid and gas. *o.. The Green Hospital shall be provided waste treatment facilities in the form of wastewater treatment with biological systems.

+ring a brand new products of

health. )a!e a differences among the others hospital services. clients, clients family and health personnel are more comfort with the conditions. help to fasten the patient treatment by feeling green and cool +ac! to nature and get the better future to the ne"t generations.

,. -eed a lots of +udget. .. The Indonesians territory is island

nations. /. &eople dont understand how does important this green revolutions. 0. Its really hard to manage the people to arrange the green concept because of their education is low

)any ways we can do to save our planet, and one of them is greening our place . 1 better future is depend on us and how we struggle to ma!e it true. Green Hospital is a new invent in the world of health . 2e have to charge the nature because theyre really important to our ne"t generations. Green Hospital brings you some inspiration to preserve the nature with the natures way