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Oilwell Cable Company

A Recommendations Report Team A:

Project Background
Originally known as Chord Cable Company had management difficulties Oilwell Cable Company now run using team management process works well

Produces primarily flat and round wire and cables for submersible pumps in oil wells
Proposal to introduce new microprocessors to improve competitiveness

Scope of works
Conflicts / advantages of Operations Manager, Norm going ahead with micro-processor conversion project Potential problems / advantages of Norm putting the decision to the appropriate production team How to address issues encountered



Analysis of Key Issues

Team management process: 11 teams highly involved in the Company decision making process Decision making: should the prod. team be consulted? Organization: getting the buy in from the production team Staff Insecurity: by-passing the production team could be seen as a threat to job security

Timing: by-passing the production team would expedite the entire process

Risk Matrix

SWOT Analysis
STRENGTHS: resourcing, quality products, competitive
WEAKNESSES: slow decision making, one location only OPPORTUNITIES: company expansion, expansion of product range

THREATS: vulnerability to new products and technology, single location, recession could cause layoffs

Project Proposal
Stakeholders / Sponsor identified
Work breakdown structure compiled

Project lifecycle
Risks: all risks, good and bad, addressed by priority with control measures

Project Proposal (contd.)

Communication plan proposal
Introduce team leaders to production team Encourage two-way communication Use conflict / change management tools

Add project management team to the organization Expand the company nationally & internationally Adequate resource management ensure motivation Audit & Review progress of company

Our Lessons Learnt

Google Drive was used to store files; an assumption was made that everyone was familiar with the application
Lack of regular face-to-face made the project difficult Consistency in Harvard Referencing was time consuming

Summary and Suggestions

We suggest the organization structure changes to matrix organizational design to aid decision making
Risks Identified and Prioritized

Conflict management & change control tools will keep staff motivated during the transition to a matrix organization design
Adequate communications plan should be used to keep staff productive / motivated Auditing tools should be used to monitor progress