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The Iliad by Homer 1200 B.

w Homer w
Greatest of the Greek poets 1,000 years B.C. Epic poems- 1st to make stories a unified whole Sung for entertainment Stories taught Greek ideals

Homer wrote The Iliad

Ilium- Greek for Troy Story of the Trojan War 10 years Fought over Helen of Troy

The Odyssey
Follows the Trojan War 10 years Odysseuss journey to return to Greece A metaphor for every persons journey through life.

The Judgment of Paris

Wedding of Peleus and Thetis

(grandson to Zeus and a sea nymph)

Eris goddess of discord, not invited Eris crashes party - starts trouble Golden apple To the fairest
Me! No, me!

Its mine !

Hera, Athena, Aphrodite claim it

Zeus asked to judge

No way! Choose between my wife, daughter, and Aphrodite? Who else can I get?

Paris Prince of Troy (a playboy)

Goddesses bribe Paris Athena offers ambition, fame, success in war Hera offers power, riches, King of Europe
and Asia

Aphrodite offers the love of the most

beautiful woman in the world

Paris chooses Aphrodite Theres just one little problem

The most beautiful woman in the world is Helen

and shes married.

Helen wife to Menelaus, King of Sparta

(a half-mortal daughter of Zeus)

Helens father, Tyndareus

Knew many men would pursue Helen Was afraid conflicts or wars would be fought over her Convinced suitors to swear an oath
- to always protect Helen
- to support her husband , whomever she chose

Paris visits Helen and Menelaus

Welcomed as a guest Kidnaps Helen Menelaus - raises army
from suitors

Agamemnon- Menelauss
brother leads expedition


greatest Greek

warrior - son of Peleus and Thetis - invulnerable, except for heel

Siege of Troy - lasts 10 years

Troy high and thick walls,
surrounded by plain of Troy

Achilles kills Hector, Prince of Troy defiles

body by dragging it behind his chariot

Aphrodite- sides with the


Athena and Hera - side

with the Greeks

Paris takes revenge for brother shoots Achilles in

heel, killing him

Zeus- remains impartial

Greeks create a plan

- Odysseus known for strategy - Athenas favorite warrior

The Trojan Horse

Greeks create a large, wooden horse Greeks sail away, leave as gift Warned not to bring horse inside Troy
- Cassandra priestess
- Laocoon priest

Trojans celebrate

End of War
Soldiers slip out of horse and open gates Greeks return Trojans are massacred
Troy is burned women enslaved

Gods turn against the Greeks

Ajax kills Cassandra in Athenas temple Athena is offended Calls on Poseidon to create storm

Odyssey Begins Here

Greeks are scattered around the Mediterranean Odysseuss 10 year journey home begins