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DeltaV Operation, Operate

This tutorial will demonstrate how to open an experiment, make configuration changes and download.

DeltaV Operation, Operate

Open the DeltaV Explorer Go to the Start > Engineering > DeltaV Explorer >

DeltaV Operation, Operate

The DeltaV Explorer is the main utility used to initiate changes to the control algorithms and physical hardware. In our case we will be using the Explorer to open each experiment with the Control Studio. Our experiments are under AREA_A Example: Open LAB1, Right click:

DeltaV configuration is Object Oriented,similar to Simulink. The toolbar on the left side is the pallet of control functions or objects Select the object of interest by left click The list in the lower right details all the parameters for each object. Example LI1-1 has a X_SCALE or field scale of 0 to 20 inH2O (68 DegF)

If you want to know what the object is, right click and select Whats this? You will the be able to gain access to the Help Files.

In this lab, we will be doing software wiring or connecting objects To wire, left click on the objects connection terminal and drag the wire to the other terminal

Wire Here

Once the change is made, we need to Download, but save first then Download

Save then Download

Select Download Now Next it will ask you if this is what you want to do for sure, Keep on saying Yes

Dunkin is now doing his thing and we are downloading, click OK here

Congratulations! You have finished Downloading!