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SA Cluj-Napoca, the largest Romanian cosmetics producer, owns internationally recognized brands, such as Gerovital H3 Evolution, Gerovital H3 prof. dr. Ana Aslan, Gerovital Plant, Aslavital and Farmec. Starting December 2011, over 200 products from Farmec portfolio can be purchased online directly on


products are reaching over 30 countries, the main markets being: Japan, Hungary, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Iraq, Kuwait, Greece and Canada. Over the past two years, the export strategy focused on strengthening the distribution in neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Poland and Republic of Moldova.

Objectives the number of products to be sold this year will be about 40 million, increasing the number of employees with 7 people in the next 12 months; A 30% increase in consumer loyalty the first year, which will be measured by the rate of return and additional purchases Turnover will be 4 million at the end of the year Building a positive image among 70% of the targeted audience in the next 24 months During this year we want to position ourselves in the top four most used cosmetic companies in the U.S.


Product Policy The product strategy adopted comes in support of the marketing objectives of the company. In this case it intends to extend the brand. We chose the product development strategy so that in coming years we will be able to produce new types of cosmetics under the same brand.

Pricing Policy Taking into account the companys objectives, we will adopt a short term cost-oriented pricing strategy followed by a strategy focused on market penetration

Distribution Policy Taking into considerarion the financial risks and this being a new product, we decided after a careful analysis to sell mostly in the estern part of America, however major cities such as New York, La, Chiago will be targeted. Buying habits and purchasing power were considered.


The budget will be 1 million Euro and will mainly go towards the promotion of Gerovital H3 Evolution, Gerovital Plant Treatment and Farmec. We will direct our efforts to TV, outdoor, print advertising and the Internet. We will launch a platform where we can communicate with costumers:


STRENGTHS Farmecs experience and reputation in the world; the existence of a large production capacity represented by the cosmetic factories in Europe; experienced staff; coherent marketing strategy; the quality and price of the product;

WEAKNESSES lack of production capacity in the U.S.; THREATS reluctance of local consumers for an European brand; competition in the form of traditional local brands;

OPPORTUNITIES Launching a range of cosmetics sold worldwide High demand for these products