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Ankit Chaurasia-05

Priyanka Chowdhury-11
Juthika Ghosh-14
Ananya Sen- 16
Kausik Sen- 23
Ayan Ghosh- 44
Source of knowledge about Science city for people living in & around Kolkata were
mainly friends and relatives whereas NRIs and foreigners living abroad mostly
came to know about it from tour operators. Thus Science City could tie up with
tour operators to spread awareness and to increase footfall.
Primary purpose of visit for children up-to the 10
standard was Education &
entertainment whereas for adolescents, graduates, post graduates and above it
was entertainment only. This could be due to the fact that the models and
scientific stuff on display were mostly of interest to teenagers up-to the 10

standard, post which, may be science city lacked stuff which was stimulating
enough to catch the attention of people for the purpose of education. It also
shows the mindset of the people wherein they are more prone to going to such
places for entertainment, given the amount of professional stress in their lives,
than for the purpose of education.
Purpose of visit for people from the Science background was Education and
entertainment, whereas for Commerce students, it was Entertainment only.
Greater number of females tend to go in for education & entertainment as
purpose of visit than males.
Where the purpose of visit being education &entertainment decreases with age,
the purpose of visit being entertainment increases with age, and drops after one
is in the range of 41 years & above. People in this age range generally visit Science
City either to accompany children or for other reasons.

Space Theater, 3D theater & Dynamotion were most visited by people. They found
these options to be the best way to be entertained as well as to gain knowledge.
We can infer that people prefer the audio-visual mode over others, for both
education & entertainment, hence such shows should be increased. Also, since
there were almost 15 options to the question, there could be some error in
judgment, as most people would not like to read through such a lengthy options
list, and tend to mark either the first few or the last few of the list of options. This is
a fault that could have been rectified during questionnaire design.
3D theater was most visited by people who were post graduates and above, this
could be attributed to the fact that such people were more knowledgeable about
3D technology and wanted to experience it, as compared to people in other age
For people with Humanities background, Space Theater was more popular,
whereas for people with Science background, Evolution Gallery, Ropeway and
Aquarium were more popular.
People visiting, for the purpose of gaining knowledge opt for Evolution park and
Earth Exploration hall.
The more educated one becomes, lesser is the tendency to go to places for the
purpose of education. After the 12
standard, people generally choose to visit
places where they get to unwind themselves (through some entertainment).