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Off-Premise Training Handbook

Congratulations and welcome! You have been asked to join our staff of
Consumer Educators because of your abilities and experience. We
hope you skills and personality will contribute to our mission ~ reliable,
responsive, professional service.

We have developed this handbook to provide you with answers to
questions that frequently arise. It is your responsibility to thoroughly
read this handbook and direct any questions to your direct supervisor or
point person for your area.
Your appearance is the first and only face that the
consumer places with the products that we

All Consumer Educators (CEs) will maintain a
professional appearance which is appropriate to
their work environment.

The following standards of dress and grooming
have been established so that individuals are able
to exhibit a high degree of professionalism.

You are requested to wear the following: black
pants, black/grey/white shirt, and black closed-toe

If you were provided with an In-visions Apron and
name badge, you are required to wear these items.


Unacceptable Apparel :
Examples of unacceptable apparel for employees to wear at work are:
Low cut tops, jeans, overalls, painter pants, shorts, muscle shirts, t-
shirts, athletic shoes, casual flip flops, and midriff type tops.

Personnel Standards for Grooming:
Hair and facial hair will be clean, neatly trimmed, and present a
professional appearance. Jewelry will not present a safety concern or
detract from the work environment or the professional appearance of the
CEs. Only ear piercings may be visible. No tattoos should be visible.
Preparation for Events
When you receive the schedule with products listed for the events you have been
selected to represent, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the products. You may
need to do an internet search of each product.

Some wineries and liquor manufactures provide PDF downloadable tasting notes.
You may simply choose to print out these notes. Another option would be to write-
out index cards with the important information per product.

Regardless, of how you choose to collect your information to prepare yourself, it
would be wise to keep a catalog of sorts or index file. You may find that you
sample the same products more than once. The more knowledge you have,
generally the better sales of product.

Make sure that the product that you are scheduled to do is the correct product you
are pulling from the shelf. Some wineries have multiple tiers of wine. Example,
Columbia Crest Winery has: Two Vines, as well as, Grand Estates. Obvious taste
difference as well as a price point difference. Be sure to confirm.

Review the blue-line links once received. You will want to confirm the all the
products listed on your BL are the same products you are to sample. If there is a
discrepancy, please contact your point person. Inform he/she of the issue with the
Preparation for Events
Tasting Kit Includes:

Plastic Table Cloth
Apron (ladies)
Name Tag
Ice Bucket
Six Pour Foil-Round Spouts
Two Tumblers
Drink Strainer
We ID Sign
Waste Basket
Wine Bottle Opener
Tasting Cups
Ive Stepped Away Sign

You may also need to take a towel or paper towels, pen and/or
pencil and your blank event forms.
Day of Event
Call the store/event location to confirm the product you will be sampling. This
would be a good time to request of the liquor manager to chill any products that
require chilling. Rarely, more than one bottle per product is used for samples.

Confirm with the store/event location they have ample product you are to sample.
Knowing in advance that there is low quantities, you can quiz your point person if
there should be a product substitution would be necessary. (SEE

Prepare your tasting event container, this includes: table, tablecloth, tasting/ice
bucket , We Card table card, wine bottle opener, tasting cups and any seasonal
dcor to dress up your table. Print out of your on/off premise event form, ice if the
store does not provide, any mixers for liquor you are sampling, and trash can.

Other items you might include in your container: table leg raisers, product print out
information, pours/foil rounds, oyster crackers, chocolates.
During Event
Check in with the manager, courtesy/customer service desk. Confirm where you
are to set-up and the location of the products they might have pre-chilled for you.
Set up your tasting table and inventory product that you will be pouring. Tasting
events run three hours unless otherwise instructed.

Gather product, display three or more bottles of each sampling product on your
table (providing there is space). This is to make it easier for the customer to take a
bottle and place in their cart right after their tasting rather than having them walk
into the wine/liquor aisle and be overwhelmed.

It is good to know where product is located, its home/shelf location in the store.
This way, you can advise the customer for future purchases they can find the
product. Once you arrive and pull product; be sure that there is 6+ bottles of wine
and 4+ bottles of spirits on the shelf/case stack inventory in the store. If there is
not enough inventory, then you will need to substitute for another varietal or flavor.
Any doubts, contact your point person for instructions.

During Event
Open and taste your products. Taste, not drink. Pour a small amount into a tasting
cup. This is extremely important, you do not want to appear to be drinking the
entire time of your event. It is smart to make additional notes after sampling your
product on your tasting cards.

When sampling a spirit, make sure the proportion of mixers to liquor is correct. You
want the consumer to taste the liquor but not give them a straight shot, unless
they request. If a consumer requests the liquor to be poured straight, then only
pour a table-spoon pour into the sampling cup.

When pouring a sample, hold the sample cup with your thumb and middle finger
do not touch the rim. Also discourage consumers from touching the open tasting
bottles. These are noted for sanitary purposes.
During Event
Do not leave your table for long periods of time. If you need to re-stock your table
inventory, assist a customer with a purchase or use the restroom, place your open
bottle(s) on the floor. You do not want someone to help themselves to the open
product. You might want to make a card to place on the tasting table that notes,
Stepped away, be right back.

Engage with EVERY 21+ customer you see, asking if they would like a sample.
Making sure to ID people that appear 35 years of age and under. Do not allow
customers to walk away from your table with a sample cup.

Keep tally of the samples you pour per product on the OP Form (see example
You will also want to tally the number of bottles sold, as well as any demographic
info that is required to complete the BL links.
During Event
At the end of the tasting event, about 10 minutes to your end time, re-stock any
leftover inventory from your table. While doing so, keep product forward, label out
and neat. Take final inventory count to confirm number of bottles sold.

Clean the area where your tasting table was at. Discard product, dumping in a
sink, along with ice. Be courteous, ask where you can pour end of event product.

Pack up your supplies. Turn in the empty bottles to the liquor manager (if
borrowed), otherwise please recycle bottles.

When you leave, say thank you.

During Event

Substitutions can be made if the product you were to sample has low inventory count
or not in stock at the store/event at all. There should be 6 + bottles of wine and 4 +
bottle of a spirit in inventory. Anything less, a substitution will be necessary.
Substitutions must be within the same family of product.

Example: You were to offer Sutter Home Cabernet, you could sub,
Sutter Home Merlot.

NEVER substitute a product that is not within the family.

Example: You were to offer Sutter Home Cabernet, you want to sub,
Rex Goliath Moscato.

Keep it similar, dry for dry, red for red, etc. when possible. These type of
substitutions do not require pre-approval from your point person. If you have any
doubt or questions, it is wise to contact your point person, rather than make a huge

During Event

Substitutions Continued:

If you are at Dierbergs you will need to revise the Verification Form. Neatly, print the
substituted wine/liquor and note the number of bottles opened. (See example

You will need to revise your OP Form to reflect the substitution. You will also need to
note this within the BL links. When completing the BL links, there will be an additional
step you must complete to correctly inform of the substitution.
After Event
How to Complete Blue Line Hyper Links:
Please see the attached screen copies of the BL. Detailed instructions of how to
correctly report your tastings is noted on the attached copies. Completion of BLLs are
to be done within 24 hours of your event.

1. Choose product from drop down menu, if product is not listed please select *TBA
. If you select this be sure to note product name in notes section
2. Copy and paste the event ID from your Manager's event email
3. Thoroughly fill in the form with accurate event information and complete sentences
4. When selecting Premise Type
On premise is for restaurants, bars, &, hotels
Off premise includes Publix, Total Wine, all retail and grocery stores, & privately
owned stores
6. If you purchase bottle using CC authorization please make sure to upload receipts
Click here for Receipt uploader

Chocolate- You must do one recap for whipped AND one recap for Chocolate

What NOT to Do

You are not to use your cell phone during any tasting event. You should not make or
receive calls. You should not text while during your events. Exceptions would be if
you receive a call or text from the point person or a SWS/Kube representative.
Equally, if you need to advise the point person of an issue, such as inventory and

Drinking is 100% prohibited. You are not to arrive to an event intoxicated, nor are you
to drink while working.


Remember, its all about brand awareness and sales to customers. Smile! Have fun
with your tastings. When youre happy, our clients are happy, and in turn more work
(and money) for the Kube Team (thats you!)

Again, congratulations on being apart of the Kube Team. We are excited to have you
on board and are looking forward to a prosperous year.