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Oscillation Built-In Self Test (OBIST) Scheme for

Functional and Structural Testing of

Analog and Mixed-Signal
Integrated Circuits
Bidutkesh Mishra
M.Tech (VLSI design & ES
Guided By:
Mr G.L.Kumar, Asso. Prof

1. Introduction to OBIST 3
2. Structure & Circuitry 4
a. FNC 5
b.LCD 6
3. Test structure 7-8
4. Literature Survey 10-11
5. Proposed Improvement 12
6. Conclusion 13
7. References 14

Introduction to OBIST
BIST- Capability of a circuit to test itself
OBIST converts the CUT to a circuit which
Does not require any test pattern generator
Oscillation frequency can be considered as
digital signal and can be realized using digital
Structure & Circuitry
The CUT is divided into different building blocks which works as oscillators
The BIST is composed of an analog MUX which selects the CUT test points
The frequency to number converter converts the output of MUX to a M bit number
The Control Logic directs all the operation and produces pass or fail results
Stands for Frequency to Number converter
The f
of the selected building block first passed through a level crossing
The rectangular output of the detector is applied to the counter which is
enabled by the reference frequency and the obtained number is related to its
input frequency

It is a current source inverter
The VB is adjusted to obtain a trip
voltage VTRP = 1v
Trip Voltage is the input voltage
required to make the IM1 = IB
Test Structure
Base on feedback approach
Can be applied to any ADC
Loop forces ADC to oscillate between two set of codes
All operation directed by the control logic

Test Structure (cont.)
Here C
< C

= convresion time
Taking I
= I
Literature Survey
Basic BIST
Area overhead was more
Not suitable for CUT with higher inputs
Pattern generator & response analyzer must
be very accurate
Pattern generator is expensive
Single OPAMP Oscillator

No need of test stimulus
generator so low cost and
efficient implementation

High fault coverage

Robust oscillation test
Proposed Improvement

A Novel BIST approach based on the
oscillation-test strategy has been introduced .
Test technique for complete and accurate
functional testing of ADC has also been
developed using proposed BIST .
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