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Avionics displays

M S Prasad
Primary ight information,
Navigation information,
Engine data,
Airframe data,
Warning information.
Infrared imaging sensors,
Tactical mission data,
Weapon aiming,
Threat warnings.
Head up displays,
Helmet mounted displays,
Multi-function color displays,
Digitally generated color moving map
Primary display
displaying aircraft attitude and flight control system steering commands including
VOR, localizer, TACAN, or RNAV deviation; and glide slope or pre-selected altitude
deviation. The PFD provides flight control system mode annunciation, auto-pilot
engage annunciation, attitude source annunciation, marker beacon annunciation,
radar altitude, decision height set and annunciation, fast-slow deviation or angle-
altitude alert, and excessive ILS deviation.
HUD Sample display
The Navigation Display (ND) : provides a plan view of
the aircrafts horizontal navigation situation. Data
includes heading and track, VOR, ILS, or RNAV course and
deviation, navigation source annunciation, to/from,
distance/direction, time-to-
go, elapsed time, course information and source
annunciation from a second navigation source, and
weather radar data. f the
1. Inherent advantages of Head-up presentation of primary ight information
including depiction of the aircrafts ight path vector, resulting in improved
situational awareness and increased safety in circumstances such as wind shear or
terrain/trafc avoidance maneuvers.
2. To display automatic landing guidance to enable the pilot to land the aircraft
safely in conditions of very low visibility due to fog, as a back up and monitor
for the automatic landing system. The display of taxi-way guidance is also being
3. Enhanced vision using a raster mode HUD to project a FLIR video picture of the
outside world from a FLIR sensor installed in the aircraft,.
IFOV = 2 tan ^-1 D/2L whr D = dia of collimating lens and L distance
of eye from lens.

TFOV Total field which observer can see by moving is eyes.

The instantaneous field of view is the angular coverage of the imagery which can
Be seen by the observer at any specific instant
Refractive Optics
Reflective Optics
Basic Principle HUD
Binocular HMD and Virtual Cockpit
Primary flight display
Engine Display