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By Dr. Robert A. Morey


Astrology is big business today. There are over l0,000 full-time astrologers and
over l75,000 part-time astrologers in the United States. Over 2,000 newspapers
carry daily astrological readings. Zodiac jewelry has become popular. Even
restaurant table mats have horoscopes! We must understand the occult art of
astrology because we face it all the time.
I. The History of Astrology

A. The Tower of Babel (Gen.ll:3-9) is the first mention in Scripture.

B. Ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese forms of Astrology: The future of

nations and kings was determined by the stars.

C. Greek Astrology: through Ptolemy (l50 AD) it became a "science" and was
applied to all men-not just kings.

D. The Apostles and the Early Christian Church greatly weakened the influence
of astrology by condemning it as a tool of satan and an occult art.
E. Astrology in the Middle Ages became a popular superstition as people grew
ignorant of the Bible and true Christianity.

F. The impact of Copernicus and later astronomers: Astrology and its earth-
centered universe did not appeal to people once they knew that the planets
circled the sun and not the earth. Astronomy took the place of astrology.

G. The occult revolution of the late l800's: Astrology returned along with such
things as seances, palm reading, ouija boards and other occult practices.
H. Present day astrology.

"Slop" astrology is found in newspapers and on table mats. It is not worth the
paper it is printed on.

"Pop" astrology is found in astrological magazines or books. It is written for

the masses and is worthless so far as any astrological predictions are

"serious" astrology is only for those who have enough faith in it to pay huge
sums of money to have their personal horoscope drawn up by a "professional"
astrologer. some of the popular big name astrolgers charge around $10,000
for each horoscope.
I. Pertinent Historical Facts

3. It is an ancient pagan religion which involved the worship of the stars (II Kings
l7:l6-l7; 23:4-5; Amos 5:26; Acts 7:39-43).

5. It has always gone "hand in glove" with the other occult arts (Isa. 47:l2-l4).

7. Astrologers have always been hostile to Biblical Christianity. There are no

"Christian Astrologers." (II Kings l7:l6-l7; Acts l3:6- l2).
II. Our judgment of astrology.

A. The scriptures condemn it as an abomination before god and an occult tool of

satanic origin and power (Ii Kings L7:l6; 23:5; Isa. 47:l3; Amos 5:26).

B. Astrology is not a science but only a superstition i.E., A fraud. The scientific
evidence against astrology is irrefutable.

Present day astrologers are still using ptolemy's earth-centered horoscope. The
facts are that this solar system is heliocentric.
heliocentric The contradiction is irrefutable.
Ptolemy assumed the flat earth theory and thus developed the belt of signs in the
zodiac. The earth is a sphere.

Ptolemy developed a zodiac with seven signs. These signs included the sun and
moon as "stars." Present day charts still use ptolemy's basic zodiac.
A. Such planets as pluto, neptune and uranus were not originally included
because they were not discovered until the invention of the telescope.

C. Without all the "stars" of this solar system, all the horoscopes have been off.
What about all the other constellations now known? Why and how is astrology
accurate if it does not take into account modern astronomy?

C. Above the latitude 66 degrees, we cannot calculate what point of the zodiac is
ascending on the horizon. This renders astrological predictions impossible for
those living above the latitude 66 degrees.
The romance of the stars is a dangerous game. You should not read or
participate with any occult tools of satanic power and origin.