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Front Cover 1

My front cover for fills my

intentions of being a fun, teenage
target audience magazine by the
way the image is very positive
and the model is smiling using
direct address to the camera with
lights the page up and gives up a
positive vibe. The pose and jump
of the model makes the magazine
look fun and exciting and the
model is having a good time.
Which would make the target
audience want to buy the
magazine to find out what other
fun things are inside the
Finished front cover 1
The edited image again
makes the image look fun
and exciting. The colour
scheme black, red and
white I think work well
together and would
intrigue a teenage audience,
also because of the teenager
girl on the front it would
interest teenagers, maybe
teenage girls, but with the
cover stories around the
side would also interest the
whole teenage genders.
Front cover 2
This image also for fills my
expectations by the teenage boy
being on the cover it would
therefore interest a teenage
model to want to get it and see
whats inside for teenagers. The
model is dressed casually and sat
in a comfortable position making
direct address with the camera
making him smile to the
audience which again makes the
magazine look very friendly and
positive to an audience.
Finished front cover 2
The final edited image I
think, would make a
teenage audience stop and
take a look at it with the
bright blue colour
standing out. The cover
lines then are very
appropriate for a teenage
audience this magazine in
particularly about music,
and having a free poster
inside which would make
teenagers more inclined to
buy it because of the
music section shown on
the front and the talk of
the free poster which
would interest them.
Front cover 3
This cover is a very positive
image with the big smile on the
models face and the direct
address would make the model
be smiling at the audience. The
image does fit my intentions of
a fun, teenage audience,
however to make it on a front
cover would have to cut the
background out in order to
make it look good but without
the radiator and the cupboard
Finished front cover 3
This cover also fits the
expectations of my
magazine having a
teenage boy smiling and
wearing trendy clothes.
Adidas is a popular
sporting brand that many
teenagers wear so by
having the model wear it,
it is showing the audience
that adidas is a trendy
style and that you will
look as good as the model
does in the magazine and
the cover lines about
sports will also appeal to a
sporty teenage audience
will intrigue them to buy
the magazine.
Front cover 4
Cover 4 is very girly and
fashionable and with this
front cover will most
likely sell to the female
teenage audience. The
model laughing and
covering her mouth
makes the model look
very cute and innocent.
Also her clothes are very
girly and trendy which
would make the girls
want to know where and
how they can get these
clothes by buying the
magazine and finding this
out inside.
Finished front cover 4
The background I put onto this
image makes the model stand
out more away from the red
background. The girls clothes
being trendy would make the
audience interested in buying
clothes similar to look this
good. The sub-headings of
FASHION and Holiday
Style would make clear to the
audience that these fashion
style tips can be found within
the magazine to encourage
them to buy it.
Fashion cover 1
My fashion shoot theme is
Denim. My target audience is
teenagers and the meaning I
want to create is to get more
people wearing denim and
getting them to wear it in
style. This image meets these
goals but the teenage looking
very happy and wearing the
fashionable denim shorts with
tights underneath. The model
is smiling making direct
address which makes the
model look happy to be
wearing denim and gives the
theme a positive vibe.
Finished fashion cover 1
This image also meets the
standards of the magazine. The
blue tint over the top of the
images runs throughout the
whole shoot which makes the
images look good together.
The image is very bright and
would be intriguing to a
youthful audience. The denim
shorts look very bright and
stylish which would make a n
audience want to look at the
rest of the shoot within the
magazine after seeing this front
cover looking so bright and
colourful and stylish.
Fashion cover 2
This image is very positive.
The background is very
colourful and interesting to
do a photo-shoot and would
interest the audience to
want to find out where they
are. This image meets the
standards of my magazine
by being positive and stylish
and would interest a
teenage female audience to
want to but the magazine.
The model smiling using
direct address would give a
positive vibe to an audience
and would encourage them
to buy the magazine and
have a look through the
magazine to look at the
denim styles.
Finished fashion cover 2
The clothes are very
stylish and with the blue
tint over the top makes
the denim shirt stand out
to an audience looking at
the fashion shoot. This
would make the audience
members more likely to
buy the magazine to want
to buy the magazine to
look more at the different
styles which can be made
and the different types of
clothes which you can
Fashion cover 3
This image is very posed
and structured. The model
looks pretty and
fashionable wearing the
jeans. As this is an image
in a fashion magazine the
teenage audience would
want to look like the
model, encouraging them
to buy the magazine and
see the rest of the outfits so
they can see all the fashion
tips, which is what the
magazine is about
encouraging teenagers to
buy the magazine because
they want to see more
which appeals to them
Finished fashion cover 3
The way the model is smiling and looking away which makes the audience
focus more on the outfit considering the blue tint makes the blue jeans stand
out, which is what I wanted from the magazine so the audience will focus on
the fashion and not on the model and want to buy it. I swapped the angles of
the images to give the audience a view of the jeans from different angles and
the clothing prices down the middle to section the page into 2 and show the
images as 2 different ones instead of it combined.
Fashion Cover 4
This image meets the needs of
my magazine as being a fun
teenage magazine by the way
the model is stood in a tree
makes the magazine look fun
and exciting and the smiling
model using direct address
makes the model look happy
and enjoying the shoot. The pose
of the model makes the jacket
stand out as she is holding it in
her hands which draws our
attention to the jacket which
would make the audience
intrigued to buy the magazine
and interest the teenage
Finished fashion Cover 4
This image takes the expectations
further by the blue tint increasing
the blue denim jackets brightness
which makes it stand out and the
model holding onto it increases
the attention to be located their
and the model smiling makes the
image look fun and interesting for
a teenage audience and would
make he magazine fun to look at
when they buy the magazine.