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• Gov-Gen Terrero allows Noli Me

Tangere to continue to circulate rather
than sensationalize it by prohibition
• Noli Me Tangere urges Terrero to formally
raise the corruption of religious institutions
on their owned lands
Furore-Calamba Hacienda Facts
• Laguna
– Potentially richest area
– Rizal’s home province
• Dominican Hacienda of Calamba
– Largest estate in Laguna
– Despite the expected high revenue, small and
un-increasing revenues were reported
Furore-Calamba Hacienda Facts
• The Original Hacienda of Calamba had
been owned by the Jesuits
• Tenants were made to pay canon(rent) on
Jesuit owned lands and irrigation fees
but no canon outside the hacienda which
they also cultivated.
• Members of the Society Of Jesus
• Roman Catholic religious order of clerks
• Also called as Soldiers of Christ because
their founder, Saint Ignatius of Loyola,
was a knight before becoming a priest
Furore-Calamba Hacienda Facts
• 1768 - Society of Jesus closed down
• Hacienda is passed on to the Dominicans
• The Dominicans now owned extensive
areas illegally
• They paid to the government only one-
tenths the actual revenue derived from
the lands
Furore-Calamba Hacienda
• Rizal assembled those facts on a report
read on a public meeting Jan 8 in
• 3 Dominican representatives (indio or
meztizo) were present and signed the
report in warrant of its correctness
• For 54 years Dominican corruption had
been annually increasing
Furore-Calamba Hacienda
• Rizal had attacked the friars on their most
sensitive point- money
– The friars had taken before God the vow of
poverty yet were the most corrupt
• On Dec 29, a report written by an
Augustinian, Salvador Font, is passed to
the Gov-Gen by the Censorship
• The report recommended that Noli Me
Tangere be absolutely prohibited of
circulation due to it’s vulgarity
• Salvador described Jose in the report as a
petty ignoramus
The Malacañan Palace however took no
notice of the report
• Daily the Archbishop and the Provincials
of religious Orders came to Malacañan
demanding the book be prohibited and
Rizal imprisoned
• Emilio Terrero advised Rizal to leave the
country saying that he may no longer
resist these demands
• Rizal insists on staying in the country so
he can marry Leonor
• Paciano replies: “You are only thinking
about yourself”
• Rizal leaves the next day for Manila—
even though he was ill—with his brothers-
in-law and male cousins to protect him