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Background of the organization:

A non-governmental organization that exists since..

Every year over 100 workers provide services to over
25,000 people in 50 locations.

Services offered:
settlement services to newcomers in Farsi Spanish,
Russian and Tamil;

employment services, including self-employment;

financial literacy and leadership training, etc.

Some of the workshops offer childminding services for
parents with young children.


Improvement of Positive Interpersonal Relationship
between child minders and manager/facilitator
Improvement of Effective Communication.
Support staff such as child minders suffer from lack of
appropriate feedback from their managers.
Lack of Appraisal System.

Background of the problem:
The employees are from diverse International backgrounds,
which is totally different from Canadian work place culture.

The employees are from different Linguistic groups(English
not being the first language), causing communication gap.

Child minders do not receive any formal feedback from their
immediate supervisor.

no monthly individual interviews are held;

no appraisal process is in place for the child minders of the
Background of the problem:
a childminder may be supervised by a different
manager/facilitator during various workshops;

Clip art of a confused woman.
Lets do it
this way
Lets do it
the other
Lets not do
it at all!
In most cases, the managers and the childminders
have different cultural backgrounds.
Check presentation for Marlene on culture and
feedback plus the textbook.

Organizational chart
facilitator N1
facilitator N2
assistant (no
As a result feedback is


As a result (ignore for now):

1. Confused about their performance, about their
future in the organization, thinks that she can be re-
hired (invests in the education); however not re-
hired on a new contract
2. Work part-time for the organization, decides to get
another part-time job, never asked to work again.
3. Works for the organization and unsure whether she
should invest in her education

Building Positive Interpersonal
Positive relationships create positive energy. Employees are more
loyal and committed to their work and to the organization
when positive relationship exists. This helps to improve in
exchanging information, dialogue and knowledge transfer. So
the organization should provide training and workshop for
child minders and supervisors.
Developing Effective Communication
The E-mails and face-to-face communication skills are the
two important means for effective communication in the
work place. The child minders and the supervisors should
be provided a workshop on effective communication skills.
Providing Informal Feedback.
The informal feedback is to be provided whenever the supervisor feels
it necessary. The day-to-day working relationship between child
minders and the supervisors shall offers an opportunity for the
child minders performance to be judged. This judgment can be
communicated through conversation on the job, over coffee, or by
on-the-spot examination of a particular piece of work. Informal
feedback is especially appropriate when time is an issue. The
delayed feedback is less effective. Frequent informal feedback to the
child minders can also prevent surprises when the formal
evaluation is communicated.


Developing Formal Appraisal system.

The organization shall develop a formal appraisal system and
conduct formal appraisals for deciding promotions, lay-off,
terminations and training needs of child minders. The formal
appraisal can be conducted once or twice a year.