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Before separation of Indo Pak, the need for more muslim banks


The idea was originated which provided the way for setting up

This bank was incorporated under companies act 1913 on 9

July, 1947.

MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a deposit base
of about Rs. 280 billion

Total assets of around Rs.300 billion.

The bank has a customer base of approximately 4 million.

Nationwide distribution network of over 1,000 branches

Over 450 ATMs in the market.

Human resource planning and forecasting

Employee Recruitment and Selection

Training And Development

Performance Management

Employee Compensation And Benefits

Organizational Career Management

Human resource planning and forecasting includes the
specific and interrelated activities that together
constitutes HRP system

These are steps of HRP in Muslim Commercial Bank:
Determining the Objectives.
Defining skills required to meet the objectives.
Determine additional human resource requirements.
Develop actions to meet the anticipated HR needs.

The purpose of forecasting of human resources is to
estimate labor requirements at some future times period.

Such forecasts are of two types.
1. The external and internal supply of labor
2. The aggregate external and internal supply of labor
Methods To
forecast HR
Zero base
future staff
between demand
and supply of
(technique to
estimate real
world situation)
Bottom up
Approach (start
from lowest to
provide forecast
of employee

People are at the heart of our success
Recruitment is the discovering of potential applicants
for actual and anticipated organizational

Job application form
Employment test
Physical examination

Screening Selection

After planning it is analyzed that which position
is going to be filled.

Identify Candidates:
MCB identifies its candidates by developing the
criteria of job description and job specification. E.g
(ads, newspapers)

The employees are transferred from one department to another
according to their efficiency and experience.

Promotions :
The employees are promoted from one department to another with
more benefits and greater responsibility based on efficiency and

Others are
Upgrading and demotion of present employees according to their

Press Advertisement
Educational Institutes
Placement Agencies
Employee Referrals / Recommendations

Selection in MCB has many processes and steps that must
be followed.

Decide what positions to fill

Build a pool of candidates for these jobs

Have candidates complete application form and perhaps
undergo initial screening interviews.

Use selection tools like tests, background investigations, and
physical exams

Steps followed by MCB are as follows:

Many candidates apply for job in response to
vacancy ads by submitting their CVs
Selection board goes through those CVs and selects
After prescreening selection board short lists the
candidates who are considered most suitable for job

In this process short listed candidates are called for test and
interview according to nature of their applied jobs.

Selection Interview:

Selection interview is conducted for short listed candidates. A selection
interview is the procedure designed to predict future job performance
on the basis of applicants oral responses to oral inquiries.

Formats Used In Selection Interview:
Unstructured/Non directed

Penal interview:
An interview in which a group of interviewers questions the applicant.

Structured sequential interview:
An interview in which the applicant is interviewed sequentially by several
persons each rates the applicant on a standard form.

Types of

Organizational performance always depends in
part on subordinates having the right skills and
attributes. Keep in view this point MCB tries its
level best to hire highly skilled and suitable
employee for each job.

For judging these skills MCB conducted some tests
of employees on the basis of
Test validity

Generally two types of tests are taken MCB:

Tests of Cognitive ability ( mental ability , eye hand co-ordination )

Physical test

Intelligence Tests:
Tests of general intellectual abilities that measure a
range of abilities

Aptitude tests:
Tests that measure specific mental abilities

Tests that measure:
static strength
dynamic strength
body coordination
stamina are physical.

Job related to guards and deliverers go through this
sort of test .

Probationary Officers ( entry point for fresh
graduates )
Management Trainees
Contractual Appointments

After going through all the processes the best
candidates according to MCBs selection boards are
The candidates, who are finally selected, are offered
appointments as probationary officers, after signing the
following bonds :

Banks Secrecy Bond

Banks Security Bond

Service Agreement Bond

Just after final selection and before starting of training
process orientation is conducted for selected employee.

In orientation new employees are provided with basic
background information about the MCB

The basic contents of successful orientation are:
Information on employee benefits
Personnel policies
The daily routine
Company organization and operations
Safety measures and regulation

Training is the organized procedure by which people learn
knowledge and/or skills for a definite purpose.

MCB has a mix of 5 training methodologies for its

Needs analysis:
Identify job performance skills needed, assess
prospective trainees skills, and develop objectives.

Instructional design:
Produce the training program content, including
exercises, and activities.

Presenting the training to a small representative audience.

Implement the program
Actually training to the targeted employee group.

Assesses the programs successes or failures.

Needs assessment-Organizational support
Organizational analysis-Task and KS Analysis -Person

Needs Assessment refer to the process used to
determine if training is necessary.

Instructional Training Validity
Effective training practices involve the use of an
instructional systems design process that conducting
needs assessment.

Organizational Analysis involves determining:

The appropriateness of training, given the business
Resources available for training is support by managers
and peers for training.

Task Analysis involves:
Identifying the important tasks and knowledge, skill,
and behaviors that need to be emphasized in training.

Person Analysis involves:
Determining whether performance deficiencies result
from a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability (a training
issue) or from a motivational or work design problem

On-the-job Training

Off-the-job Training

Effective lectures

Apprenticeship Training

Informal learning

The Bank has the latest state-of-the-art training facilities at its
Training & Development Center (TDC) and a dedicated training
team to look after most of the training needs of its employees.

MCB uses following programs for training and development:
Management Trainee
Management associate
Cash officers

Employee development is a joint, on-going effort on
the part of an employee and the organization for
which he or she works to upgrade the employee's
knowledge, skills, and abilities.

MCB Pakistans performance appraisal system is based on a
combination of 'MBO and 'Enabling Traits' approaches, under

60% weight age is given to performance goals discussed and
laid out in the beginning of the year.

Another 40% weight age is assigned to enabling
personality factors, which are clarified to all employees by
their supervising officers at the start of each year .

An organization reward system is a program or
scheme which provides incentives for those individuals
or groups who perform well in the organization.

This reward system in actual motivates employees to
perform well by attracting with well designed incentive
Compensation is payment to an employee in return for
their contribution to the organization , that is, for doing
their job.

Types Of Compensation And Benefits:
Non Financial

Life Insurance
Profit sharing
Medical Allowances
Pension Plans
Severance Pay

Sound Working Environment
Training And Development
Job Security
Pick And Drop Facility
Sick Leave/ Vacations
Flex Hours

MCB awards their employees attractive compensation
in return of their tough mental labor. Apart from basic
salaries they are offered many other benefits like:

Utility Allowance
Medical Allowance
Overtime Allowance
Education Allowance

"A goal that you desire to achieve in a selected field
or occupation with a well-thought out plan, to get
you there is called Career Planning.

A job is just an opportunity to learn new skills that
you can then peddle elsewhere in the market place .