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Kate B. Maquiran
Algely Anne K. Lamprea
Objective: To promote awareness of our challenges
as a student nurse so as to practice on how to
overcome it and taking these challenges in a
positive way to become competent Paulinian
Materials: Pad paper and ballpen
Make two columns
On the right column, list all what you have
experienced that you perceive as a challenge
being a student nurse in the area.
On the left column, list all that you do to
overcome these challenges.
Discuss with class
Challenges How do I cope
Long hours of standing Elevating and resting leg when I got
Challenges that Critical Nurses will Face:
To develop , foster and maintain a level of
knowledge about the norms, values, beliefs,
patterns of ill health and care needs of the

To analyze and evaluate specialist skills and
criticize their evolving roles

To review current studies and researches and to
examine contextual issues
To exercise professional judgments expected of
them in the critical care clinical setting
Physical Challenges
Long shifts on their feet.
Nurses become physically exhausted by the end
of the shift.
Physical demands on the staff after repeatedly
lifting and moving patients.
Day-to-Day Emotional Challenges
Critical care nurses are exposed to a lot of death
and dying, which is difficult to manage
The feeling of nor being able to do enough or get
all of their work done.

Challenge related to the structure of
Shortage of staff.
Some newly hired nurses have their scope of
practice which does not qualify them to work in
the ICU.
Nurses having to care for more than one patient.

Challenges related to provision of
Material Resources
Poor quality of
Some equipment are
available but are either
old or not functioning
Insufficient supplies
that can also contribute
to poor quality care
Stressors in the Unit
Head nurses are given a
lot of responsibility with
regard to the
management of unit.
Too much workload
because of increasing
number of patients or
shortage of staff.
Visitors in the Unit
Control of visitors
Some folks dont
understand when the
nurses cannot discuss
certain information which
are very confidential.
Avoiding Burnout
Nurses should ensure a good work or life
balance and foster good working relationships
with the health care ream.
Nurses need to be open-minded in realizing
things are always changing in the way they care
for patients.