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Magento eCommerce
Magento eCommerce Demo
Agenda : Discussion on Magento
Benefits of Magento
System Requirements
Overview on Magento
Features in Magento
O!ective of S"opping Cart ase# site
Magento Arc"itecture
Server A#ministration
3 $&
'ataase Structure ( )A* Mo#e+
3 $2
)nvironment Setup
Agenda : Discussion on Magento
Managing %ro#ucts
.ow to #o %ro#uct #ata import/
3 $5
.ow to ma1e site +ive/
3 $2
System 3ayout
Agenda : Discussion on Magento

Initiate more business though the web. Initiate more business though the web.

End users should be able to add the products in their cart End users should be able to add the products in their cart
and order online. and order online.

Online sending of Products Information to buyers through


Instant alert of any transaction through email.

!serfriendly interface

Ma"e money by getting more customers

Objective of Shopping Cart based site
Objective of Shopping Cart based site
Quick Overview on Magento
Quick Overview on Magento
#arien company has introduced Magento$ an eCommerce
solution in the mar"et.
Magento is well architected$ designed and fle%ible. &lso$ has
won number of awards.
'ocali(ed in o)er *+ 'anguages$ li"e ,hai$ -rench$etc.
More than .+$+++ Community Members
O)er .$++$+++ Downloads
O)er /0+1 Magento Connect E%tensions written
O)er 0+ partners
4t offers comp+ete f+e5ii+ity an# contro+ over t"e +oo16 content an# functiona+ity of an
ecommerce store w"i+e #eve+opment7
4t provi#es t"e functiona+ity for reviews6 tags6 wis" +ist6 compare pro#ucts an# many
4t is integrate# wit" A8A9 ric" environment tec"no+ogy for faci+itating features +i1e one
c+ic1 c"ec1out7
4t is integrate# wit" rea+ time s"ipping rate from S%S6 S%S 9M36 Fe#)56 :S%S6 an# '.37
Customer can s"ip t"e or#er to mu+tip+e a##resses an# on site trac1ing system from
customer account7
S"ipping rate can e easi+y set per or#er an# per item7 4t provi#es t"e e5c+usive
functiona+ity rating wit" weig"t an# #estination7
From customer point of view6 it is $&&; searc" engine frien#+y an# provi#es fu++ contro+
of :R3<s rewrite met"o#o+ogy7
Magento is compati+e wit" mu+ti +anguage support as we++ as supports mu+tip+e
currencies7 A#ministration mo#u+e is "aving great functiona+ity for rig"ts or access an#
any rig"ts can e #efine# at any user7 4t a++ows #efining mu+tip+e a#ministrators wit"
specific access privi+eges7 3an#ing page of a#min pane+ is in form of a #as"oar#6
provi#ing a++ vita+ information of or#ers6 pro#ucts6 an# grap"ica+ representation on #ai+y6
mont"+y an# year+y asis7 A#min can create mu+tip+e store an# easi+y manage t"em from
a#min pane+7 4t provi#es t"e strong interface an# functiona+ity for reporting7
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
Our client does a significant amount of business around christmas etc. and we
want to ma"e sure your site will loo" the part$ with Magento this is possible through
a highly e)ol)ed template system through which it is possible to brand a website
for the occasions$ e)ents etc.
Design fle%ibility2 magento allows you to ha)e a complete control o)er design of
your site and it manages it through the model )iew controller architected and this
a3 4ou can easily manage how each part in your website is displayed.
b3 Different 'anding pages for different audience.
c3 -le%ible product page design to complement the )ariation in products.
'ayered Na)igation2 !sually with large in)entories where a category has got
more than .+ products$ it really is cumbersome to ha)e all the products in the
scope of )iew$ and Magento use se)eral filtering tools to pro)ide faster na)igation
to products.
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
Product comparisons and product tagging features.
Con)enience for your customers should be a paramount priority for any
ecommerce retailer. that5s why Magento includes multiple shipto functionality right
out of the bo%$ helping a)oid the frustration that can occur when a customer is
shopping for multiple people at one time. Instead of forcing them to place multiple
transactions$ they can 6uic"ly and easily ship to multiple addresses with one order.
,his can be especially useful around the holidays$ when more and more people
are doing their primary holiday shopping online.
7uperior product search module when compared to competition.
&ma(ing support community.
8ood business model.
Mar"eting promotions and tools
Performance is "ey feature.
7upport for Downloadable9Digital Products.
&dded 'ayered Na)igation to site search result page$ with control on the attribute
le)el to include or e%clude attributes used on the search results page. Impro)ed site
search to utili(e fullte%t search.
&dded support for fi%edta%es on product le)el.
,o &dd 7etup Pricing to a Product$ by integrating the e%tension.
Multi7tore :etailing
E%ample2 & client ha)ing three site and selling same products.
a3 One ;ebsite with one store and one store )iew <Defaut3.
b3 One ;ebsite with multiple stores.
iPhone Interface
&d)anced Promotions and Mar"eting9,rading ,ool
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
Benefits of Magento
:ating$ :e)iews and Product ,ags can be gi)en by Customer or ;ebsite #isitor
,ier Pricing is the fancy title for offering discounts for higher )olume sales.
Magento supports tier pricing for all products$ including different tiers for different
classes of customers <wholesalers$ retailers$ etc3.
Multilingual support
Multiple currency payment processing
7earch engine optimi(ation features li"e google site map$ !:' rewrites gi)e full
control of !:'5s act.
&nalytics$ reporting and dash board for 6uic" )iew.
E%tensi)e CM7 to manage contents.
Features in Magento
Features in Magento
Ana+ytics an# Reporting the script is integrated with 8oogle &nalytics and
offers many different reports.
%ro#uct Browsing multiple images for products$ options for e%tensi)e re)iews$
wishlists and much more.
Cata+og Browsing easy na)igation$ ad)anced product filtering system$ product
Cata+og Management in)entory management$ batch import and e%port of
products$ different ta% rates per location$ additional product attributes.
Customer Accounts order status and history$ email and :77 feeds for products
in the wishlist$ newsletter subscription$ default billing and shipping address.
Customer Service enhanced features for customers= accounts$ Contact !s form$
comprehensi)e order trac"ing and history$ customi(able order emails.
Or#er Management create orders through admin area$ create multiple in)oices
shipments and credit memos$ call center order creation option.
Features in Magento
Features in Magento
%ayment different payment methods2 credit cards$ PayPal$ &uthori($ 8oogle
Chec"out$ chec"s$ money orders$ support of e%ternal payment modules li"e
Cybersource$ ePay$ e;&4 and many more.
S"ipping shipping to multiple addresses$ flat rating shipping$ supports !P7$
!P7 >M' <account rates3$ -edE% <account rates3$ !7P7 and D?'.
C"ec1out one page chec"out$ 77' support$ chec"out without ha)ing an account.
Searc" )ngine Optimi=ation /++@ 7earch Engine -riendly$ 8oogle 7iteMap
4nternationa+ Support multiple languages and currencies$ list of allowed
countries for registration$ purchasing and shipping$ locali(ation.
Mar1eting %romotions an# >oo+s coupons$ discounts and different promotion
Site Management control of multiple web sites$ multiple languages$ ta% rate with
support for !7 and International mar"ets$ customi(able outloo" through templates.
3inu56 ?in#ows6 or anot"er :@49Acompati+e operating system
?AM% Server version $727& (If Linux, then LAMP Server)
%.% 5727&B
Apac"e ?e Server C$75 or 275D
MySE3 A./.B+1
& 7endmailcompatible Mail ,ransfer &gent <M,&3
Magento will connect directly to an 7M,P ser)er if you donCt ha)e an M,&.
Sste! "e#uire!ents
Sste! "e#uire!ents
OO support
P?P. &pplication
Dend -ramewor"
M#C Design Pattern
Interface to other CM7
Magento Architecture $ Background
Magento Architecture $ Background
/. -le%ibility2 ;e belie)e each solution should be as uni6ue as the business
behind it. MagentoCs code allows for seamless customi(ations.
B. !pgradeable2 Ey separating the core code from community and local
customi(ations$ Magento can be easily customi(ed without losing the ability to
F. 7peed and 7ecurity2 ,he coding standards used by the de)elopers follow best
practices to ma%imi(e the efficiency of the software and pro)ide a secure
online storefront.
A. Portability2 Magento was de)eloped with portability in mind$ that5s why there5s
e%tra logic built in. Path$ Directory separators$ they5re all designed to wor"
cross platform.
%sing &end fra!ework' Magento was bui(t
with be(ow points in !ind)
Magento uses an e%ceedingly modular architecture$ answering a single re6uest
will li"ely in)ol)e a multitude of files and modules.
,he maGority of code you5re loo"ing for is rather nested$ 9app9code9core9Mage9
has a listing of all the modules included in the Magento core.
,he CM7 subdirectory is a good e%ample of each module$ it has se)en
subdirectories2 Eloc"$ Controller$ controllers$ etc$ ?elper$ model$ and s6l.
,he password is stored using salt$ meaning that it isn5t simply the password
being hashed$ a random string is being appended to the end.
Magento is based on the M#C design pattern.
Magento Architecture
Magento Architecture
Core Modu(es in Magento Architecture
Core Modu(es in Magento Architecture
Mage is just short*a!e for Magento Mage is just short*a!e for Magento
+hat are Design ,atterns-
Design ,attern $ .he design patterns are (anguage$
independent strategies for so(ving co!!on object$
oriented design prob(e!s
+h Design ,atterns-
/nab(e us to design efficient' sca(ab(e and !aintainab(e
Magento Architecture 0 Design ,attern
Magento Architecture 0 Design ,attern
Magento components can be categori(ed into Model$ #iew and
Model2 Manages the data$ business and application logic.
Components li"e business logic 9 business processes and data
are the part of ModelHI &pplication ObGect.
#iew2 :enders the Model into a representation suitable for the end user.HI!ser
Controller2 ,he process that responds to user e)ents.
Controller components which handle all the re6uests. <Decouple
data representation$ application beha)ior$ and
presentation3HIDefines the way the !I reacts to user inputs
Magento Arc"itecture ( M*C 'esign %attern Magento Arc"itecture ( M*C 'esign %attern
,he main purpose of using M#C pattern is to decouple the 8!I from the Data. It also
gi)es the ability to pro)ide multiple )iews for the same Data. M#C pattern separates
obGects into three important sections2
Model2 ,his section is specially for maintaining data. It is actually where your
business logic$ 6uerying database$ database connection etc. is actually implemented.
#iews2 Displaying all or some portion of data$ or probably different )iew of data. #iew
is responsible for loo" and feel$ 7orting$ formatting etc.
Controller2 ,hey are e)ent handling section which affects either the model or the
)iew. Controller responds to the mouse or "eyboard input to command model and )iew
to change. Controllers are associated with )iews. !ser interaction triggers the e)ents
to change the model$ which in turn calls some methods of model to update its state to
notify other registered )iews to refresh their display.
Magento Arc"itecture ( M*C 'esign %attern Magento Arc"itecture ( M*C 'esign %attern
Magento Arc"itecture ( M*C 'esign %attern Magento Arc"itecture ( M*C 'esign %attern
Database Structure EAV Model Database Structure EAV Model
Entity&ttribute#alue model.
Magento5s databases are hea)ily normali(ed <Primary Jey and -oreign Jey
:elationship3$ a basic install will consist of /KF different tables.
Products E&#
,he E&# method for storing data is generally associated with storing clinical
findings$ it is appropriate there because an arbitrary number of
attributes will be associated with each record.
,his same fle%ibility is critical to Magento5s ability to handle an arbitrary number of
attributes with any product$ or product type.
Product attributes you add will be added to ea)Lattribute.
How to setup Magento with WAMP Server? How to setup Magento with WAMP Server?
/3 /3 ?a)e to copy ;&MP on local machine$ install it. ?a)e to copy ;&MP on local machine$ install it.
B3 B3 ?a)e to copy M&8EN,O and e%tract on ;&MP$ www <root folder3. ?a)e to copy M&8EN,O and e%tract on ;&MP$ www <root folder3.
F3 F3 7tart all the ser)ices. 7tart all the ser)ices.
A3 A3 In)o"e the !:'$ to do the configuration using &dmin Panel. In)o"e the !:'$ to do the configuration using &dmin Panel.
.3 .3 #isit the site using -ront Panel. #isit the site using -ront Panel.
Environment Setup Environment Setup
How to improve the performance of Magento on WAMP How to improve the performance of Magento on WAMP
p"p7ini CFGwampGApac"e2Gin
ma%Le%ecutionLtime H F+++++++
memoryLlimit H FBM
postLma%Lsi(e H FBM
uploadLma%Lfilesi(e H FBM
"ttp#7conf CFGwampGApac"e2Gconf
my7ini CFGwampGmysq+
and :estart 7er)er.
SS3 configuration for Magento
SE! for Magento SE! for Magento
Magento "ustomer Management Magento "ustomer Management
iPhone Interface
Advanced Promotions and Marketing and Trading Tool
Rating and Reviews Product Tags
Configurable Product
8rouped Product
Custom Options Product
Euilt to Order9Eundled Products
Different types of products
Configurable Product
rouped Product
Custom !ptions Product
"uilt to !rder#"undled Products
Multiple Servers and "luster Architectures Multiple Servers and "luster Architectures
# # Magento Supports "luster Environments for Magento Supports "luster Environments for
load balancing load balancing
# # Specif$ read%write connections per module Specif$ read%write connections per module
E&ample app%etc%local'&ml E&ample app%etc%local'&ml
Magento /./ introduces Core &PI
7upports both 7O&P and >M' :PC protocols.
Pro)ides access to the Customer$ Catalog and Order modules.
Magento Connect
E%tension mar"etplace for commercial and open source e%tensions
B0+1 E%tension a)ailabel for Download
Magento Core &PI P ;eb 7er)ices
How to ma(e site )ive How to ma(e site )ive
1) Need to register domain through Registrar (Ex
!) Need to map domain name with "P Address
#) Need a Server Ma$hine with ne$essar% So&tware
(WAMP'(AMP and Magento) insta))ed in it
*) Need to $on+gure insta))ed so&tware on Server Ma$hine
,) Need to $on+gure H--P Server
.pen httpd$on& &or entering server name and ip address
Q#irtual?ost /0B.B+.B+B./+O2AAFI
Document:oot Rc29wamp9www9magento9S
-D Copy t"e magento fo+#er fi+es to server t"roug" F>%7
)inu& Server )inu& Server Machine*' Machine*'
?in#ows Server Mac"ine
How to Start%Stop H++P Server using How to Start%Stop H++P Server using
"ommand )ine in )inu& "ommand )ine in )inu&
Comman# 'escriptionHSynta5
"ttp# Mstart N ,o start the ser)er and reads the configuration file <httpd.conf3
Mstop N ,o stop the ser)er
MreloadN ,o reread the configuration file
MrestartN ,o restart the ser)er
Mstatus N ,o chec" whether the ser)er is running or not
?ow to import data in Magento for ProGectsT
?a)e to copy image files by creating the folder in
C2UwampUwwwUmagentoUmediaUcatalog by name Cproduct5 and name =category=.
In catalog we will be ha)ing two folders one for product<folder name =product=3 and
one for category<folder name =category=3 and it will contain the images.
&lso ha)e to gi)e :;> <read$ write$ e%ecute permission to the folder media on
website hosting machine if it is 'IN!>$ for ;INDO;7 it do automatically3
Products are assigned both an &ttribute 7et$ and a Product ,ype.
,he &ttribute 7et defines which attributes a product has$ e%amples might be2
manufacturer$ colour$ weight$ mega pi%els$ diameter$ etc.
,he Product ,ype defines how the product wor"s$ clothing a)ailable in different
si(es would be an e%ample of a product type <since it5s Configurable3.
Magento ships with a number of attributes li"e2 price$ weight$ s"u$ description$
colour$ manufacturer.
4ou will li"ely need to add more attributes to reflect the products you are selling
<Digital Cameras will re6uire MP$ ?ard dri)es need si(e$ interface and rpms$ etc.3
Once you5)e create the appropriate attributes$ attribute sets are created to describe
your products.
?ow to import data in Magento for ProGectsT
&ttribute 7ets
4ou will li"ely need a uni6ue attribute set to describe each type or class of product
within your in)entory.
&ttribute sets are created by assigning attributes to the group.
7ome attributes <e.g. Price3 must always be associated with a new product.
-or Product Data Import you ha)e to create &ttribute 7et followed by attributes in it.
&fter that you ha)e to create categories.
In categories$ ha)e to create products with attributes and define pricing.
?ow to do itT
?a)e to database 9 product data in e%cel to a C7# file format
Copy these C7# file to C2UwampUwwwUmagentoU)arUimport
8oto &dmin panel of Magento and 7elect 7ystem I Import 9 E%port I Profiles I
Import &ll Products I :un Profile I 7elect file I :un Profile in Popup
Don5t close the screen till completion
&fter success full import$ chec" in frontend
Chec" in frontend whether the categories$ product$ image$ pricing are displayed or
not$ by e%ecuting !:' http299localhost9magento9inde%.php9mohan.html$
where mohan is an 7J!.
?ow to set the ?ome Page 'ayout for Category 'istingT
-or these goto Catalog I Manage Categories I 7elect
Default Category I Custom Design I Page 'ayout I B
Columns with 'eft Ear and clic" on 7a)e Category.
-han/ 0ou
Magento 1niverse
We2site 3 wwwmagentouniverse$om
Address3 H4!# (axmi Nagar5 New 6e)hi5 "N6"A
Pin 7ord 3 11889!
-e)ephone3 :914 9;,84<<<#*;5 :14=*,!4;#,##5 :**4
S/%pe3 we2devexpert
>o))ow 3 >a$e2oo/ ? -witter 'Magento1niverse