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Strepsil Case Study

Company Background
Reckitt Benckiser is a multinational corporation with presence in over 180
Net revenues in excess of 9.5 billion pounds an year.
Worlds top household cleaning solution provider.
Core of its business strategy: fabric care, surface care, dishwashing, home
care, health care, personal care and food.
Most of its brands are either number 1 or number 2 in their respective
categories in India.
Looking to drive an average growth in health and hygiene become 72% of
core company by 2016(Currently 67%).
Strepsils is one of the RBs Powerbrands in Healthcare & is expected to
deliver higher growth rates
Market Analysis:-
Sore Throat Lozenges market in India is valued at INR 5200 Mn.
Market is expected to grow at an impressive rate of more than 15 percent
Strepsils brand share in pharmacies from 21% to 26%, however overall share
has fallen from 10% to 9%, and the brand stacks at no. 3.
The sore throat lozenges market is led by Vicks with a formidable 58% value
share followed by Halls with a 20%.
Strepsil brand is a significant #2 player in pharmacy sales with 26% market
share, Vicks 40%, Strepsils 26% and Halls 10%.
Of the total sales, 68% comes through non-pharmacy outlets.
Strepsils Ayurvedic was launched in 2008 :- even till date more than 90% of
the brands sale continues to come from the pharmacy channel.

Competitor Analysis:-

Environmental Analysis:-

Key Issue in the case:-

It continues to be the no. 3 player in sore throat category. Overall share
has fallen from 10% to 9%.
The brand continues to be sold largely through pharmacies.
Our competition wins in convenience driven impulse buying. Our brand
is seen as a medicated product for serious ailments.
The category leader has presence in close to 65% (1.4 million) outlets
whereas our brand has a much smaller distribution reach (<15% of the
Brand awareness is declining is two centres, inconsistent on impacting
consumer behaviour.

Key Issue in the case:-
Weak Brand Campaign (Mr T) Vis--vis our competitor who is able to
drive emotional connect.
Suffer on account of non-trial of the brand(89% are aware of brand,
however 32% are non-trialists):-
lack of depth of awareness,
Unsatisfied with current brand,
Perception of being expensive
Flavor unavailability
Jar turnover for Strepsils is higher than its competitors

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