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Control Of Electrical Home
Appliance Through P.C.

Saurabh Saraswat
Amit Kumar Singh
Sumit Verma
Surendra Singh
Saurabh Saraswat
Amit Kumar Singh
Sumit Verma
Surendra Singh
v It can be used to control the printer as well as
household and other electrical appliances.
v The computer program included as part of the
project controls relays through the interface circuit,
which, in turn, switch the appliances ‘on’ or ‘off’.
v The parallel port has 12 outputs including 8 data
lines and 4 control lines.
v The parallel port has 12 outputs including 8 data
lines and 4 control lines.

The Parallel Port
v The Parallel port or line printer terminal is found
commonly on the back of a PC as a D-Type 25
Pin female connector.
v The port is composed of 4 control lines, 5 status
lines and 8 data lines.
v The original parallel port is a bundle of three
ports namely, data port, status port, and control
v Each of the Data, Status, and the Control port
have specific addresses assigned to them.
To identify the memory location
a particular machine
v To identify the assignments for a particular
machine, the DOS debug program can be used
to display memory locations.
v For example-
>debug-d 0040:0008 L80040:0008
78 03 78 02 00 00 00 00
v Thus according to the addresses displayed it
follows that the address of the data port is
0x0378 and so on.
Pin diagram for
parallel port

vW e a re u sin g D B 2 5
co n n e cto r fo r p a ra lle l
p o rt.
vPin s 2 th ro u g h 9 fo rm
th e 8 -b it d a ta o u tp u t p o rt.
vPin s 1 , 1 4 , 1 6 , a n d 1 7
fo rm th e co n tro lp o rt
w h ich is ca p a b le o f
re a d in g / writing.
vPins 10 through 13 and
15 together form the
status port.

Block Diagram of the System:-

The basic circuit has the
Circuit Description:
following component-
v Relay,
v one 470 ohm
v one 4.7k ohm
v an Opto-coupler IC
numbered MCT2E,
v one transistor
numbered BC148
v a diode numbered
Component description
v The Opto-Coupler is an
Integrated Circuit.
v The number of the IC used is
v Basically an optocoupler is a
combination of a light source
and a photosensitive
v MCT2E Opto-Coupler IC is
used in this circuit is a 6 pin
The Pin-numbering and the corresponding
functions are as follows:
 1 – As an Anode of the diode.
2 – As a Cathode of the diode.
3 – No internal connection (not used).
4 – As an Emitter of the phototransistor.
5 – As a Collector of the phototransistor.
6 – As a Base of the phototransistor.
Relay is a circuit used for tripping and switching
purposes. Here we have RELAY
used two types of relays,
which are as follows:-

1-relay (6v, 100ohm, and 1c/o):-Used for signal


2-relay (6v, 100ohm, and 2c/o):-used for double


The software program developed for the project

basically consists of :-
v Front End – developed in C
v  The front end of the program is used for a
friendly and simple interface for the user.
System Requirements

The system requirement for this application can be

broadly categorized under two headings namely-
v Hardware Requirements
v Software requirements
Hardware Requirements

Processor: Pentium 1/ Pentium II / Pentium III /

Pentium IV.
Memory : 32 MB Ram (Minimum)
Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels.
software Requirements

Software Requirements:
Platform : Any Operating System.
Language: C or C++
Ø In the project developed, the software program
and the hardware circuit work interactively to
generate appropriate signals to switch the
connected devices ‘On’ or ‘Off’.
Ø As in the Interface to switch a device On/Off it is
required to enter the valid values of bit number.
Ø This code on the behalf of the user interacts
with the back end which is developed in C++.
Ø The executable binary code in C++ is actually
used for generating appropriate output in the
form of current signal at the printer port to
activate the hardware circuit designed.
Ø The hardware works like an On-Off switch
according to the signal from the parallel port of
the computer.
Ø The current signal form the printer port is fed
into the Opto-Coupler IC of the circuit.
Ø On the execution of the software the printer
generates a voltage value of 3.3 volts .
Ø The low value of current taken as output from
the IC is not sufficient for relay-tripping.
Ø So a transistor is used in common base
configuration and hence used as an amplifier.
Ø This transistor is responsible for amplifying the
current so as to trip the relay.
v It can be used for domestic purposes (Offices,
schools, hotels etc.).
v It can be used as a switching device at places
where computers are available.
v Although Traffic lights are microprocessor
controlled, this project can also be employed for
controlling the same.
v User Friendly – The project has simple and
efficient interface so that a person having
elementary knowledge about computers and
only the introductory knowledge about the
system can use it.
v Easy Handling – Once developed and put to
work properly then no further maintenance is
v Machine Independent – The project is totally
machine independent .Not any special packages
or hardware is required.
Scope for Extension
v This project can be made wireless also.
Transmitter and receiver can be used with
sensors attached at the hardware box and also
at the application devices so as to make the
system wireless.
v We can also use mobile phone & internet
connection for enabling/disabling the electrical