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Knowledge Management

@ NIIT Technologies
Akhilesh Kumar Gupta (9102273)
Shreya Kumar (9102335)
Vishakha Mishra (9102256)
Jaya Mishra (9102341)

Knowledge Discovery
Technology Innovation Center has been setup which is
continuously investing in futuristic technologies and trends. This is a
major step towards discovery of new ideas and innovation in the

Encore Management System NIITs proprietary automated
education process management system. The eNCORE system
evolved from the need for comprehensive setup, administration, and
management of offline and online operations as well as MIS

NIIT Technologies deploys MATRIX, knowledge portal and knowledge
management platform.

This plays an imminent role in transitioning knowledge from the clients
team to the NIIT Technologies team. The result is a level of application
knowledge, which can be further organized to develop a Knowledge Portal
creating a person-and-vendor-independent knowledge base.
Knowledge Capture
Knowledge Capturing Systems
Before it can be organized and stored, knowledge needs to be captured: put in
writing, recorded, transcribed, translated, collected, and so on.

NIIT Technologies recognizes that people are its key resource and must be
kept happy and motivated at all times. The company therefore constantly works
to provide an environment where employees can be creative, especially when it
comes to delivering value to customers.

NIIT Technologies has been receiving international accolades as well for its
HR practices. For the second consecutive year, it bagged twin awards HR
Leadership and Excellence in Training awards at the ASIAs Best Employer
Brand Awards 2011 for its focus on people development.

How to extract ?
NIIT Tech have also fostered a performance-driven culture, with a well defined awards
program , so that the achievers and achievements can be constantly spotlighted, thereby
setting new benchmarks for the organization.


NIIT ians chalk out and manage their learning milestones for the year.
Gap identification is done through various tools like 360 degree feedback process,
performance appraisal , and competency scores.
To bridge the gaps, there is an in-house training facility, which addresses training needs of
NIIT ians.
It imparts different types of trainings like technical, functional and behavioral. Each NIIT ian
is requested to create and implement a well through out, realistic and progressive IDP every
year in consultation with the supervisor , this adds to their knowledge capital substantially
year on year.
While IDP is created first during performance review discussion with the supervisor, one can
review, track and update the IDP any time during the year as per the dynamic requirements.
Free team dinner on late stays and drop to door facility
so that efficient
use of time can be made on discussing on important
business strategies.
While working from home books can be used from the
library of the office and VIRTUAL LABS.
Virtual labs, is the only web based learning system that
enables NIITians
to connect directly with live equipment in a real, risk-free

ESEED has been launched in a new avatar to bring a rich
and wholesome eLearning experience to its learners. This
provides 24*7 unlimited access to:
> Over 5,000 online courses
>Brain bench Certifications
>Virtual labs
>Thousands of eReferences
>Audio books, videos.

At NIIT Tech an employee is also given the opportunity
to interact with senior managers of some of the largest
and most reputed organizations in the world, that are their
NIIT's vast global spread exposes one to work in
environments in different geographies, among different
people and within different cultural milieus

Knowledge Sharing

NIIT Technologies offers a knowledge management Framework that
encompasses business strategy, people, processes and technology. Our
Knowledge Management Framework
Helps find actionable information buried in repositories of enterprise
Facilitates effective knowledge transfer and learning management
Institutionalizes the static and dynamic knowledge of an application/
organization /project

NIIT Technologies' Matrix is a self-optimizing portal that helps clients to
become increasingly process-driven and less people and vendor dependent

NIIT Matrix captures knowledge flowing through a process and converts it
into a knowledge base. Every aspect of a process application is documented
as it is being created and made available to employees

This KM portal can dynamically communicate and collaborate on multi-site
/ location-based programs, and manage and control engagement parameters
transparently with all stakeholders
While capturing of tacit and dynamic knowledge through discussion forums,
chat, communities, and expert answer.

Knowledge Application
We ensure a seamless transition of knowledge from the existing
maintenance/development team to our maintenance team.

To do so, we deploy Matrix, our Knowledge Portal and knowledge management
platform, which plays an important role in transitioning knowledge from the client's
team to the NIIT Technologies team.

During this phase, NIIT Technologies experts and the client's Subject Matter
Experts discuss and ratify the business processes. Tools are used extensively for
application analysis.

The result is the application knowledge, which is then organized to develop the
Knowledge Portal.

The benefits of the Knowledge Portal include the creation of a person-and vendor-
independent knowledge base.

The Knowledge Portal also enables effective collaboration between the client and
the NIIT Technologies team and facilitates capturing of tacit and dynamic
knowledge through Discussion Forums, Chat, Communities, and Expert Answer. It
also helps in reducing the time taken to induct personnel in the project, using its
learning management capabilities.
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