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Hello everybody

My respected teachers and fellow students-


In this project , I tried to shape my thoughts. I

welcome every comments, suggestions, and
doubts from you. This would immensely help me
to improve it further.
Innovative idea by
Parmeshwar Tukaram
BSc comp. science 2nd yr.
 Respected sir I am going to introduce my
thoughts with the help of this representation.
 I hope this might help all of us to achieve
excellent academic environment in our
department. I named this project as “Active”.

To put forth my innovative

ideas to sharpen the edges of
quality education further
This is divided as follow


SAD[Special P & L[Parents

Activity Day] & Lecturers]
I]SAD [Special Activity Day]


Inter-class Intra-class
Week-end Tests
Activity Activity
About SAD
 Thisday is a scheduled day
(according to me this should be
Saturday/Sunday) of the week. On
this day student will involve in
special activities other than
regular theory and practical
classes. This is a student
interested activity.
1]Inter-class Activity

 Any two student of second year, as

per first come first priority basis, will
deliver either a seminar or lecturer in
BSc 1st year class. He/she who is
interested will choose a topic from
the syllabus. This will be under the
supervision of lecturer.
2]Intra-class Activities
 This is much flexible part of this
 5-10 students, as per roll no.s or
alphabetical order ,will involve in this
activity. Each student will have 5-10
min. He/she will introduce his friends

 New arrivals in computing industry

 Interesting & useful websites
 Debates
 Etc.
3]Weekend Exams

 Next fifty minutes will involve the

activity of examining students in one
subject on “till-this-date” syllabus.
This examination is apart from those
which are held during regular
 Note:-This will be mandatory for
student as well as teachers.

 Competition might lead to pace

the learning activity. This will take
place at once in a month. This is a
inter-student activity.

Programming Project
Competitions Competitions
1]General Computer

-In this type, individual participants

will be there if response is less or
group-wise participants if response is
more .
-One or more than one lecturer will
prepare questionnaire and will ask
questions to the students.
Questionnaire will involve “General
Computer Awareness ” questions.
-Negative marking scheme for
wrong answer will be there.
-Lecturer(s)-in-charge will be an
autonomous body that will define –
1.What are the types of
2]Programming Competitions
 This is practical activity.
 Students will be given a program to
be done and who successfully
complete the program within time
limit and earlier than others will be a
 Two or more competitors who have
successfully complete there
programs at same time will go
through viva.
3]Project competition
 Students will represent their project.
Considerably these projects will be
small in in size and will have short
productivity time. Winning Project
will have few criteria like-
 1.Origrnality
 2.Innovativeness
 3.Industry perspective view
 4.Representation,etc
 All
winners will be awarded with
attractive prizes and certificates.
III]Parent-Lecturer Activity
 Thisis most important thing in my
point of view. This will establish a
good communication link between
society and institute.
Parent &

Committee Meetings
 This leads to teacher-parent
 This committee will meet monthly or
bimonthly and discuss about steps
taken by institution.
 This is an organized body.
 This will be took place tri-monthly or
each six month in a year.
 Meetings will include some formal
and informal discussion.
 Generally in traditional way of studying
teaching leads to theoretic study. Often
institutes fails to offer student oriented
 Inmy project I tied to wash out these
some other drawbacks and establish
“competitive environment”.

 Thanking you.

Please send your comments,suggestions,and
doubts to:-