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Title: Is tradition an

obstacle to progress?
Teoh Zhong Herng 0107912
Seow Jessie 0107982
What is tradition?

O Is a long-established custom that been
passed on from one generation to another

O The word tradition, however means,
unwritten beliefs and customs handed
down from generation to generation,
which we all knowingly or unknowingly
adhere to in our daily lives.
Example of tradition
O Christian Is their tradition to go church
on Sunday for service.
O Muslim Is their tradition male have to be
circumcised at a certain age
O Hindu Is their tradition to go temple on
Tuesday for prayer.
Every nation and society have
their own tradition
O Westerner shakes hands with a
O Muslims say salam to their friends.
O Christian family will says Lords
prayer before taking food.

Tradition is an obstacle to
O Thinking
peoples thinking will be narrowed down
due to the problem of tradition. People
who are keen on following or obeying their
traditions are more likely hard to accept or
keep up with the changes that are
constantly changing in our society.
O Most people nowadays are much more
acceptable of what is happening in their
surroundings, but there are still people who are
still too clingy to traditions that they have and
that causes them to think otherwise of what
other people are doing or have done. For
example , clothing, languages, actions and so
O Traditions are one of the factors that will stop
our society from progressing due to the
problem of too may beliefs.
Tradition is not and obstacle to
O Tradition lays the foundation of
development. To evolve as human beings
and as a society we need to look at the
faults of our ancestors and their hopes
that those are not repeated or when it
happens, the society knows how to handle
the situation properly.

O Traditions are the foundation of every one
or any company, every company have
their own traditions and some traditions
are the reason to their success. Those
companies stick to what they have done
and continue the steps that they have
always done and from that they earn
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