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2008 Enaviya Information

Technologies, Inc.
Proposal - AH

Delivering Secure & Reliable Customer Experience Based On Sound Business Practice
2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
Executive Summary
In view of providing the higher level of customer satisfaction and the same time keeping the regulatory
compliances intact, Bajaj Finserve is looking at the software enabled support service to its current
employee claim processes.

The current estimated employee claims amount to 6920 per month which is expected to grow.

This includes the travel and the local claims.

2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
The type of support to be delivered is segregated into Verification, Clarification, and
MIS . For abundant clarity, these terms are defined below:
Term Primary significance of the term
Verification Addressing expense claim day-to-
day basis

Clarification Occasionally wherever clarity is required
from the end users
MIS Once a month, generating reports as per
the defined parameters
2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
Claims Verification as per hardcopy submitted and policy.

Coordination with Travel Desk in case of EE queries regarding unpaid claims by finance.

Creation of bank file for pay-out which is to be sent to finance for pay-out

Archiving all claim bills monthly and sending to Finance Team
2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
Offsite Manpower
An offsite team of four personnel is assumed for the purpose of this proposal.

The team would be working 9 AM to 6 PM six days a week.

The workload in respect of ticket support shall be estimated on month-to-month basis.

The excess available work time shall be filled in with improvement workload. This
will be agreed with Bajaj Finserve by way of sign-off on the monthly schedule of activity of each

2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
SLA needs to be mutually agreed upon.

The resource planning is arrived based on the current claim numbers. For the same number
of claims, the identified team would be able to meet the existing SLA s as the Baja Finserve is
committing to its employees.
2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
Bajaj Finserve Responsibility
A single point of contact for service management and co-ordination with BajajFinserve.

To Upkeep and maintain all policy related documentation, data bases, change management &
version histories.

If any change to the policy, a session with the team is required.

The claims by the employees need to be in the specified mode of communication. Ideally it is
expected that all such communication would be within the tool. Any offline communication is not
supposed to be entertained.

2 weeks of Knowledge Transfer is estimated.

To share the master data and the transaction data.

2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
Support Fees and Payment Terms
The Charges payable, excluding taxes such as service tax, will be as follows:

Offsite personnel Rs 25,000/- per month per person

Total Monthly payout Rs. 100,000 per month ( for a team of 4 member)

2008 Enaviya Information
Technologies, Inc.
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