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Converged Communication Services

3G & 4G Market Analysis

Evolution of G
3G License Winners:
Mobilink has won 10-Mhz block on 2100-MHz band.
Telenor has won 5-Mhz block on 2100-MHz band.
Ufone has won 5-Mhz block on 2100-MHz band.
Zong has won 10-Mhz block on 2100-MHz band.

4G License Winners:
Zong has won 10-MHz block on 1800-MHz band .

Does your smartphone supports 3G or 4G ?

Most of the smart phones support 3G in 2100MHz band
Many smart phones support 4G in 1800 MHz band but issues would be with grey market phone as
4G support is designed as per specific regions.
List of the 3G, 4G supported smart phones is attached below

3G 4G Spectrum

2G and 3G networks shall be overlayed means moving out of 3G coverage, customer will be
handed over to 2G network

Overlay Network
Handover from
3G to 2G
Spectrum;Telecom operators send and receive signals at various frequencies to enable
communication. The range of frequencies allocated to a service provider is know as spectrum.

Propagation loss of radio waves increases with frequency, meaning that waves in low bands will
travel farther due to less propagation loss.


Propagation loss for a given distance is higher at 2.6GHz, as compared to the 700MHz band.

For the same propagation loss of 130dB, the propagation distance for 2.6GHz is about 500
meters, whereas it is roughly 1.6 kilometers for the 700 MHz band.

Moreover, to cover the same area, the number of cell sites used for 2.6GHz will be seven to eight
times more than 700MHz

Lower frequency waves are also believed to penetrate thick walls and, hence, reach areas like
basements. Therefore, the signal is more uniform over a given area for the low-band spectrum.

According to Verizon, LTE (4G) deployed at 700MHz is almost five times more efficient than the
company's 3G
To review, lower frequency waves can travel farther, they have uniform signal distribution, and
less equipment and cell sites will be required for deployment. This will result in reliable and
extended coverage at lower costs.

Spectrum: Propagation Losses

3G has no frequency planning. 5MHz shall be used per site and resources shall be split between
customers using orthogonal scrambling codes
1 frequency in all the cells
Freq. reuse factor = 1
20% voice and 80% data split shall be used for 3G
Operators expect a spectral efficiency of 3bps/Hz so approx. 12mbps per site data (with 80%


Radio Spectrum
Single Stream Dual Streams
Spectrum Usage

Telenor & Ufone will use single carrier of 5MHz whilst Mobilink & Zong will use dual carrier where

3G 4G Data Rate Comparison

Data Rate Comparison
Etilsalat Mobile Broadband Evolution

2G 3G 4G Data Rate Comparison

The Mobile technologies that Pakistan is using these days are 2.5G

Basic GSM network without any GPRS support Nodes is the part of pure 2G technology. Pakistan
is using GPRS/EDGE based mobile networks.

Mobile Operators in Pakistan
Where Does Wateen Stand

Wateen has 41MHz band in 3.5GHz spectrum
Wateen is delivering 28Mbps per site
Due to higher frequency band (3.5GHz), propagation & penetration losses are high which
translate into small coverage area for a site.
For Carpet coverage we need much higher no of sites
WLL license restrict us for enabling handover feature
Very Few smart phones support 4G in 3.5GHz band

Wateen WIMAX Network

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