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Presentation on Partex group

Masud Rana Bhuyiun
Company Profile

Name of the Company: Partex Group
Date of Establishment: #1962
Name of the Chairman: #Mr. M. A. Hashem
Industries & Trade Concerned: #17
Number of Group Business: #20
Target Turnover: #US $220 million (2012-2013)
Estimated Growth Rate#15% per annum
Number of Employees: #Over 7,000

Boards Doors
Plain Board Plain Door
Veneered Board Classic Design
Viniyl Board Band Design
Plywood Flexible Band
Melamine Faced Chip Board Panel Design
HDF Moulded
Door Frame
Human resources planning

They need for human resource planning may not
be readily apparent .However an organization
that does not do planning for human resources
may find that it is not meeting either its personal
requirements or its overall goals effectively .For
example ,a manufacturing company may hope
to increase productivity
Method of recruitment


Employees Selection Criteria

The selection of the employees as a Partex Group is
very complicated and difficult during the visiting time
we know about it. The men/women who want to
participate as an employee in this organization
should have to drop the C.V here. Then the selection
committee have choose a very few among them and
call them for a written test. After that those who
passed the test then they will have to give an
interview to the selection members.
We find out some point which is as below:
1. Lack of experience of junior member which covered by the senior
member of the Partex Group.
2. More productivity, Partex Group attention is usually focused on the
work being produced. This is helpful to achieve the organization goal.
3. Junior auditors can learn many things about senior auditors working
activity and others which is help to build their career as a the next
4. Less careful about junior officer.
5. Always try to measure quantity not quality.
6. Less careful about their further career development.
Different types organization follow different types of philosophy for my
point of view in this case working combination way such as team work.

1. Public sector and institutional reform
2. Strategic groups.
3. Institutional Analysis.
4. Support for in-country HRM development.
5. Co-coordinated support for MIS Development
6. Developing a Code of Conduct.


Partex Group focuses on building high quality
human resources with expertise and
professional skills adopting the human
resources re-engineering and development
plant was a view to creating and excellent
clientele service environment for ultimate
achieving of sustain profit growth making no
comprising with the quality assets creation